• Adult Education making strides in Lincoln Trail

    By Diane Kelley

    As an adult education instructor, I have seen firsthand how education leads to a higher standard of living and an increased quality of life.

    With that in mind, the Lincoln Trail region has reasons to take pride in our adult education programs and the students who access these programs.

  • Are you ready for an Apple watch?

    Did you know that Apple invented the watch? Neither did I, but it is certainly true that they improved and expanded on the concept.

    Apple has three classes of the Apple Watch. Please note that Apple does not refer to its product as the iWatch, it’s just that everyone else does!

    The inside of all versions of the Apple Watch are identical, including the software and the Watch OS. The differences are entirely in the materials used for the Watch case and bands.

  • Promote sportsmanship over winning

    Most adults know winning a competition isn’t a prerequisite for future success in life. Sometimes, we can get caught up in the moment and put too much pressure on our children to win at whatever they do, whether it’s at school or on the athletic field. At no time of the year is this more true in Kentucky than during basketball season.

  • Thirty lessons, thirty years

    I’m turning 30 next week! Yikes, right? Wrong. Thirty is young and I welcome it as well as every other year that I am blessed enough to celebrate on this annual occasion. I’ve learned a lot over these thirty years. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of thirty things I’ve learned in thirty years. These are just the lessons that stick out in my mind at this time; not everything I’ve learned, Lord knows there isn’t enough space here for all of that, I’ve done a lot of learning.

  • What's hot in tech - a quick recap of CES
  • Looking back at Lincoln's life

    By Steven Curtsinger

    Studen Columnist

    Living in small community in LaRue County has its ups and downs as a teenager. Sometimes we think that this town is boring because there aren’t a lot of restaurants or attractions. However, we live in one of the more unique places because we have one of the greatest presidents that lived where we live!

  • Medical debt on credit reports

    According to a recent Consumer Finance Protection Bureau study, “52 percent of debt appearing on credit reports is due to medical expenses.” Also, “7 percent of consumers have medical debt in collections, but no other debt on their credit reports. These consumers are likely to be more reliable bill payers than those with other types of collections on their credit reports.”

  • Tips for making freezer meals

    You can free up time on future meal preparations when you make extra food at one meal for upcoming meals. This way you prepare food ahead and freeze for a later time. The following are some general tips for making freezer meals, which are shared through Nebraska Extension.

  • The dark side of IoT

    Last week, we introduced you to the Internet of Things (IoT) and discussed a few of the cool devices to enhance your life. However, like most technology, there is a dark side you should be aware of as well.

  • Get your resume ready for 2016

    Any time is a good time to set new career goals. However, with renewed motivation in January and all the potential of a new year ahead of us, it’s often a time when we find ourselves reflecting on a career move.

    If you’re one of the countless professionals who make a New Year’s resolution to land a new job, enter a new field or earn a promotion, now is the time for a resume refresh.