Linda Ireland
Madison “Mac” Mather of Hodgenville celebrated his 100th birthday on Dec. 11, 2014. He shared stories of his youth, his marriage and his faith with The LaRue County Herald News. Above, he thumbed through one of his many photo albums.
The secret to a long life: Mac Mather celebrates centennial birthday

One hundred years ago, a baby boy was born in the Tanner section of LaRue County.

Madison “Mac” Mather was born on Friday, Dec. 11, 1914 – in the same year that World War I began, the Panama Canal opened to traffic, the last known passenger pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo, and Charlie Chaplin made his film debut.

He is the oldest son of Charles Ernest and Pearl Mather, and their only surviving child. He lost his parents in 1975. They died within weeks of each other and were buried at Barren Run Cemetery.