Vanessa Hurst
The number of dairy cows in LaRue County has dramatically decreased. According to the U.S. Census, there were 257,390 dairy cows in LaRue County during the 1970s and only 483 as of 2012.
Decline of the dairy farm

Since the 1970s LaRue County has seen a steady decline in dairy farms. LaRue county once had 150 dairy farms. A number of factors have contributed to their demise and now LaRue county is left with only a couple of dairy farms.

Gordon McDowell began working for Kentucky Artificial Breeders Association, KABA, when he got out of high school in 1957. He and his family also had their own dairy farm.

“When I started working for the KABA, that’s when people first started using Artificial Insemination, associated with select sires.” McDowell said,