Today's News

  • June LCS Personnel Changes

    The LaRue County Board of Education reviewed several personnel changes at their June meeting.

    Employment of

    Haylee McGaw as Elementary Classroom Teacher at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, effective August 1, 2017.

    Christina Boone as Instructional Supervisor for LaRue County Schools, effective May 30, 2017.

    Jeff Cloyd as Music Teacher at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, effective May 23, 2017.

    Cara Hill as Instructional Assistant for Hodgenville Elementary School, effective May 29, 2017.

  • 2017 Quest Camp

    The 104 students involved in Quest 17 at Hodgenville Elementary School last week delved into a variety of activities ranging from learning how to develop a lemonade stand business to their own version of rocket science.

    The permeating principle that the gifted/talented kindergarten through fifth grade kids from both district elementary schools shared was “fun.”

    Karyn Brey, district gifted/talented coordinator and Quest 17 director, noted, “It has a camp atmosphere for them which they enjoy.”

  • Hodgenville Elementary School awards
  • Tips for making jelly and jam

    For proper texture, jellies and jams require the correct combination of fruit, pectin, acid, and sugar. The fruit supplies the water to dissolve the rest of the necessary ingredients and furnishes some or all of the pectin and acid.

  • Hodgenville news - June 21, 2017

    Thought for the week: Five things to tell yourself daily. 1. Keep trying, 2. Keep praying, 3. Stay positive, 4. Be awesome, 5. Become better. Not better than anyone else, but better than the person you were yesterday.

    For some reason the month of June just seems to be dragging by. I entered 12 items in the county fair and won six blue 1st place ribbons and five red 2nd place ribbons.

    I loved the story about Robert Hodgen’s great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter Brandi Weiss that visited Hodgenville. How awesome was that!

  • Community news - June 21, 2017

    There was a going away dinner for Tony Smith held at Sunrise Manor on Sunday, June 18 with family and friends. He is leaving for Germany on Tuesday with his new promotion. Bernice Kent and daughters were guests at First Baptist on Sunday, June 18. They also were in attendance at the going away dinner.

  • Lost in LaRue - June 21, 2017

    There are certain times when the lighting is right, conditions lend to almost ethereal surroundings and the scenery begs to be captured in a photograph. For me, it’s morning.

    Heavy dew often creates a bejeweled landscape and spider webs hang heavy with crystal beads. Often the sun comes up and makes the bedazzled landscape sparkle, other times fog is so heavy and thick that it creates an otherworldly backdrop.

  • Hall Gaddie Road bridge to close

    A bridge on Hall Gaddie Road near Brooks Road in Buffalo will be removed and replaced.

    LaRue County Assistant Road Supervisor David Wood said construction will begin on Monday, June 26 and will take three days or longer depending on the weather. He said signs will be posted on both sides of the bridge to let people know of the closing.

  • 8U Hawks win championship

    After losing both pool play games last Saturday, the 8U Travel Hawks decided that Sunday, June 18 would be a new day. In the first game of single elimination on Sunday, the Hawks won a low scoring affair by beating MoJo by a score of 7-3.

  • 11U Elite Hawks finish runner-up