Today's News

  • School menus and nutrition information can be easily accessed online

    LaRue County School District is one of only two in the state using an online program to give the nutritional value of each of its school menus’ food items.

    Online viewers can access the menus from the district’s website (www.LaRue.kyschools.us) or they can download a free app, according to DeeAnne Sanders, coordinator of nutrition.

    The printable menus, with daily breakfast and lunch listings for each school, show a photo of the food selection, a description, and complete nutritional information for each offering.

  • Middle and elementary schools get nurses

    This school year, the LaRue County Board of Education in conjunction with Lincoln Trail District Health Department decided to bring two additional Registered Nurses (RNs) to LaRue’s elementary and middle schools.

    The nurses will be responsible for administering medication, first aid, teaching about medical conditions, hearing, vision, dental, and scoliosis screenings, and immunizations.

  • What's for lunch?

    LaRue County High School

    Meal pricing for students: Breakfast, $1; reduced breakfast, $0.30; lunch, $2; reduced lunch, $0.40.

    Wednesday, Aug. 6 – Breakfast: Turkey sausage biscuit, cereal, breakfast cereal bar, or breakfast mini muffins with tropical fruit cup and orange juice. Lunch: Chicken tenders or ravioli with honey wheat roll, super veggie salad, green beans, and tropical fruit cup.

  • 2014 policy change for school meals

    LaRue County Schools Nutrition Program announced an amendment to its policy for serving meals to students under the National School Lunch/Breakfast Programs for the 2014-15 school year. All students will be served lunch and breakfast at no charge at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Hodgenville Elementary School and The Life Connection.

    Any interested person may review a copy of the policy by contacting Dee Anne Sanders, SNS, LaRue County Schools Nutrition Program, 208 College Street, Hodgenville, KY 42748, 270-358-4111, dee.sanders@larue.kyschools.us.

  • Schools announce attendance policy changes

    Several changes are in store in LaRue County Schools’ student attendance policies and procedures, according to Rip Collins, district director of pupil personnel.

    In the case of a student being excused to attend the funeral of a member of his immediate family, only the day of the funeral will be excused and a note from the funeral home is required. Collins added, however, that each principal has the ability to excuse extra days for funerals.

    The only way a “Parent Day” can be used is with a note from the parent or legal guardian.

  • Healthy, totable snacks for back-to-school

    (StatePoint) During back-to-school season, many families will find time is at a premium. With routines changing from summer’s slower pace to tighter schedules jam-packed with work, school and extracurricular commitments, it can be hard to keep kids fueled for the day and eating healthfully.

  • Law requires eye exam for children going to public school for first time

    Notebooks, pencils and clothes are at the top of most back-to-school lists, but a comprehensive eye exam should be included as well.

    State law requires children ages 3 through 6 to have a vision exam if they are entering a public school or preschool program for the first time.

  • Tech-savvy tips to get kids organized for back-to-school

    (StatePoint) When it’s time for the kids to head back to school, they’ll often find themselves buried in binders, folders and enough loose-leaf paper to transcribe “War and Peace.” Your son or daughter might be able to keep these supplies neat and tidy for a couple of days, maybe even a week or two, but eventually, organization is going to fall by the wayside.

  • 911 service 'hit or miss'

    911 service in LaRue County has been partially restored.

    According to dispatch, “most” landline 911 calls are being routed correctly. Cell phone 911 calls are “hit-and-miss.”

    The system went down about 11 p.m. Saturday when it appeared a direct lightning strike hit the phone lines. The surge knocked out the trunk cabinet that controls the phone system.

    For emergencies, call:

    Hodgenville Police Dept (270-358-3013)

    LaRue County Detention Center (270-358-9876 must push extension number 3)

  • 911 Service is down

    LaRue County's E-911 system is down. According to dispatch, a direct lightning strike occurred about 11:30 p.m. Saturday, knocking out the trunk cabinet controlling the phone system.

    A service technician has been notified - but the severe weather has delayed his arrival.

    For emergencies, call:

    Hodgenville Police Dept (270-358-3013)
    LaRue County Detention Center (270-358-9876 must push extension number 3)