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  • Vietnam: Country and culture

    Editor’s note: This is the second of three articles written by our correspondent Ron Benningfield as he shares his experiences in the Vietnam War while serving in the U.S. Air Force. The first article appeared in the November 1 edition of The LaRue County Herald News and the third article will appear in the November 15 edition.

    Not only were America and Vietnam separated by thousands of miles, but their citizens also had custom and cultural differences that could easily cause verbal and nonverbal communication misunderstandings.

  • Smithsonian exhibit celebrating sports coming to Hodgenville

    Basketball. Baseball. Soccer. Football. Pickleball. Wrestling. People around the country are drawn to compete in these sports and many others. Still more gather on the sidelines to cheer for their favorite athletes and teams. Nowhere do Americans more intimately connect to sports than in their hometowns.

  • 2017 Railsplitting contest results

    Professional results

    Bill Thomas - 1st place 5:35 -Sonora

    Jason Nunn - 2nd place 5:50-Sonora

    Ray Nunn - 3rd place 7:08- Sonora

    Tyler Hornback - 4th place - Sonora

    Amateur Railsplitter

    Caleb Eastridge Elizabethtown 2:15 - 1st place

    Casey Brooks  Hodgenville 3:35 - 2nd place

    Junior Railsplitter

    Samuel Goff, age 15 - 1st place

    Conner Thomas, age 15 - 2nd place

    Ethan Gardner, age 18 - 3rd place

    Karlee Thomas, age 12 - 4th place

  • Woody and Chloe visit LaRue County

    A group of celebrities visited LaRue County on Friday, November 3 as Woody and Chole stopped by to visit children at the Hodgenville Civic Center as they continue to paddle their way across the Bluegrass.

  • Band of Hawks make it to state

    The LaRue County Band of Hawks soared through the semifinals and made it to their first state finals appearance since 2012 on Saturday, October 28.

    The Band of Hawks finished second out of 16 bands during the KMEA Class AA semifinals at Elizabethtown High School that same morning. Only the top four teams went on to perform at the KMEA state finals that night at Papa John’s Stadium in Louisville. LaRue County and North Hardin were the only two marching bands in the region to make it to the state finals.

  • Vietnam: the country, my mission
  • Heads Up: Hodgenville to be featured in penny documentary

    Cody McDowell was filling his car up with gas at the Lincoln General Store getting ready to drive back to college when a camera crew approached him with questions.

    “I was getting ready to head back to Louisville for school and was wearing a souvenir penny t-shirt we sell here at the store,” McDowell said. “They came up and asked ‘Do you have a minute?’ I said ‘It just so happens my family runs the store here.’ It was 7 p.m. on a Sunday and the birthplace was closed so they did an interview with me.”

  • Shoffner Sentenced


    Former LaRue County Sheriff Bobby Shoffner was sentenced in federal court on Tuesday, October 24 for embezzlement of funds.

    According to court documents, Shoffner will receive three years probation for one count of embezzlement of government funds. Shoffner is also required to pay $36,239 in restitution back to the LaRue County Government. He is also required to pay fines of $1,100 to the federal court system. The restitution payments have to be at least $200 a month over a period of 34 months.

  • Treatment Questioned at Jail

    With one settled earlier this year and one still pending, the LaRue County Detention Center has been dealing with two federal lawsuits this year as a result of their alleged treatment of inmates.

    The first lawsuit that is currently ongoing was originally filed in August 2015 by the late Brandon Branham as the plaintiff. As a result of his death, the plaintiffs in the case are now Marilyn K. Branham, administrator of the estate of Brandon Branham; Melissa Strickland, parent and guardian of Brandon Branham’s minor child and Mariah Carey, wife of Brandon Branham.

  • Rolling through LaRue

    Eighteen year old cyclist Bella Cimeno of Blue Hill, Maine came through Hodgenville on October 18 during her solo trip across the country on the Trans-America Trail. The LaRue County Herald News caught up with Cimeno when she stopped for an ice cream on the square to ask about her travels thus far.

    LaRue Co.Herald News: When did this trip start and where did the idea originate?