Today's News

  • A rainy day lament

    Rain. It’s a strange thing. It is certainly needed to grow the crops that keep us fed. It’s needed to keep the lakes and rivers supplied with the water that we need to drink. But sometimes there’s more rain than one area needs like the folks in Louisiana. We’ve had our share of floods too, thank goodness we’re not in that bad of shape!

  • The greatest change

    God is a great God and His love is a great love.  But so many today believe in a little God and a great humanity.  Man tries to take the place of God.  While man is glorified, God is being pushed into the background.

    But God is still sovereign.  He made all things: they are His now, and one day He will reign over all things.  David felt small when he considered the handwork of God, and said, “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers. What is man that you take thought of him” (Psalm 8:3-4).

  • It’s hard being an old soul

    I went to the Reba McEntire concert at Freedom Hall in Louisville last Thursday.

    I really enjoyed the concert.

    Reba has a distinctive voice and it is amazing how it hasn’t changed throughout the years. However, after going to the concert, I realize I have a problem that makes me not enjoy the concert like I should. The problem is not what you think. It’s not because I think the music is too loud or I had a bad experience. Instead, it’s because concerts make me feel old.

  • So great a salvation

    By Paul Richey

    In John 3, the Bible speaks of a religious leader named Nicodemus coming to Jesus by the cover of night to investigate salvation. Through this dialogue, Jesus declares that one must be born again to receive life everlasting. Nicodemus was confused by this statement and asked for clarification and eventually walked away in the moment to ponder what Jesus had taught.

  • Bookmobile schedule - August

    Aug 23

    LCHS, South L&N, Mt. Sherman Rd, Hwy 470, Countrylane, Ball Hollow, Attilla Rd

    Aug 24

    LCMS, Senior Center, Paula’s Hot Biscuit, Heying Rd, Ramsey Rd, Sonora Rd, McDougal Rd

    Aug 25

    Preschool HES, HES, Indian Trail, Williams St.

  • Jail log: August 24, 2016

    Bookings at the LaRue County Detention Center from Monday, August 15 to Monday, August 22.

    James Estes, 36, of Upton was charged with cultivating marijuana. He remains lodged in LCDC.

    Denny Lyons, 43, of Leitchfield was charged with a failure to appear. He remains lodged in LCDC.

    Michael Snyder, 19, of Rineyville was arrested for a court ordered appearance. He remains lodged in LCDC.

  • How to Reset Your Windows Password

    I have been called into a number of businesses where the computer technician had left and no one knew the Windows password when it came time to update a program. This is a scary, and potentially costly experience for a small business owner. I suggest you follow these procedures before that crisis occurs, and make sure you create a password-reset disk to have on hand.

  • How Parents can develop good physical skills in their children

    The Kentucky Governor’s Office of Early Childhood wants parents to know the importance of developing fine and gross motor skills in children so they are ready for school or life tasks. From the first time your baby holds up his head, to the first time she takes her first step, each new skill becomes a celebrated milestone. These skills will allow your child to do common kindergarten work like cutting with scissors or learning to write.

  • Burglary arrest leads to meth arrest

    A local man was arrested for meth possession last Tuesday while police responded to a residence to serve a burglary warrant.

    According to the LaRue County Sheriff’s Office, they initially responded to a residence on New Jackson Highway to serve a burglary warrant on Caitlin Veirs, 23, of Sonora. Veirs was arrested in connection with a burglary that occurred on Old Elizabethtown Road in Hodgenville last month.

  • News of Record: August 24, 2016

    Property Transfers

    The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the LaRue County Clerk’s Office in Hodgenville.

    Jonathan Gale Strader McClure to Connie Strader Trumbo in consideration of dividing the property inherited from Betty Jean Strader, 2 parcels in or near Lyons, Parcel 1 FMV $47,400. Parcel 2 FMV $35,000.

    Bonnie C. Hickman to Stephan K. Clyde aka Steve Clyde and Sue Ann Clyde, two tracts in Jericho Hill Subdivision, $20,000.