Today's News

  • Hall Gaddie bridge repairs continue

    Construction on the Hall Gaddie Bridge has been delayed due to weather, however, crews are looking for the project to be complete as soon as this week.

    The Hall Gaddie Bridge had several issues over the years, according to LaRue County Judge Executive Tommy Turner. One issue was the bridge had a center pier added to it a number of years ago to enhance the stability of the deck.

  • Gardening like Lincoln

    While many things are done by the National Park Service to preserve Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace and boyhood home in LaRue County, one of the often forgotten preservation practices is the period garden that is grown every year at Lincoln’s Boyhood Home at Knob Creek.

  • Vandals target library, break windows
  • Embry case continued to August

    After having her trial canceled for a third time, a LaRue County woman’s animal cruelty case was reviewed in court last week and another status hearing has been scheduled for August.

  • Lightning damages 911 tower

    Lightning struck the 911 tower at the LaRue County jail July 1, knocking out a base station that carried the police frequency.

    “We went to a backup and were able to continue communication,” LaRue County 911 Coordinator Craig Dunn told magistrates at a fiscal court meeting at the courthouse in Hodgenville on July 11.

    Dunn estimated damage to equipment at $12-13,000 with insurance covering about half that amount. He expects replacements and repairs to be completed within a week.

  • Hodgenville Council continues Code Enforcement discussion

    The Hodgenville City Council heard their first reading of a code enforcement ordinance during their monthly meeting on Monday, July 10.

  • Statewide overdose deaths increase

    Many Kentuckians are worried about the increasing number of statewide overdose deaths last year.

    The 2016 state overdose report was released last week and it showed an increase in statewide increase of overdose deaths with a strong mix of the drugs fentanyl, heroin and prescription pills. According to the report released by the Kentucky Office of Drug Policy on June 26, there was a total of 1,404 fatal overdoses in the state in 2016, which was a 7.4 percent increase from the 1,248 overdose deaths in 2015.

  • High Speed Chase

    A LaRue County male led police on a high speed motorcycle chase on Sunday, July 2 that started in Hodgenville and ended in Magnolia.

    According to the arrest citation, Hodgenville Police Officer Kenneth Thompson observed a motorcycle cross over into his lane on North Lincoln Boulevard in Hodgenville and reportedly almost hit him head-on. The driver of the motorcycle was later identified as Derek J. Meredith, 26, of Magnolia. When Thompsonattempted to initiate a traffic stop with his lights and siren, Meredith sped up and also ran a stop sign as he crossed Lincoln Parkway.

  • Trial rescheduled again for Embry

    For the third time, a court trial has been rescheduled for a LaRue County woman who is charged with more than 100 counts of animal cruelty.

    Jane Embry of Magnolia was scheduled to have her trial in LaRue County District Court on June 27-28. However, it was ultimately postponed after Embry’s lawyer, Robert Fredrick Smith of Louisville, filed a motion to reschedule the trial for medical reasons and provided medical documentation to support the motion.

  • Cruising with friends

    Vacations are something most of us look forward to, even long for, but why?