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  • Magnolia man charged with 52 counts

    Hart County deputies arrested a LaRue County man last week charged with dozens of sex crimes.

    James Turner, 41, of Magnolia, was arrested on a warrant charging him with 52 counts of third-degree sodomy.

    He was placed in Hart County Jail in lieu of a $25,000 unsecured bond.

    Hart County Sheriff Boston Hensley said Turner came to the attention of law enforcement through a complaint.

    The 52 counts involve one juvenile, and the conduct is alleged to have occurred over a two-year period, Hensley said.

  • Fiscal Court addresses false alarms

    False alarms sent by security companies to dispatch are causing concerns for first responders, according to Mike Cottrell, director of LaRue County Emergency Medical Service.

    Cottrell shared those concerns with magistrates meeting at the courthouse in Hodgenville Sept. 23.

    Judge-executive Tommy Turner said the calls came from security companies with subscribers who wear emergency call buttons similar to the often-seen commercials, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

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  • Mobile DAV unit on the move

    So many veterans feel confused about benefits and services they have earned. There is so much to know ... and so many changes from one year to the next. That is why the nonprofit DAV (Disabled American Veterans) offers help.

    The DAV Mobile Service Office will be at the following locations to personally provide the best counseling and claim filing assistance available.

    Like all DAV services, help from the Mobile Service Office is free to all veterans and members of their families. All times are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Is college still a good investment?

    You may have heard that student loans now top a trillion dollars or that the total amount of student loan debt surpasses the total amount of credit card debt. These numbers can be off-putting and may have you questioning whether college is still a good investment.

    But it’s not all bad news. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York agrees that attending college is still a good investment for your financial future. Over their lifetime, workers with a bachelor’s degree earn over $1 million more than those with only a high school degree.

  • Riggs files as write-in for magistrate, third district

    Last week, Johnny Riggs, a farmer in Hodgenville, filed as a write-in candidate for the third district magistrate’s seat. Riggs placed an ad in The LaRue County Herald News announcing his candidacy and asking for voters to put him in office.

    He is challenging incumbent Ronald Dale Nunn, a Democrat.