Today's News

  • Winter preparation underway

    As the temperatures get cooler, the highway departments in LaRue County are preparing for how they will treat the roadways in the county this winter.

  • Christmas through the 20th Century

    Every Christmas season has its own “must-buy” toy.

    This year, the Hatchimals, those eggs that will hatch if given enough love and care, are sending anxious parents and grandparents scurrying to stores to find what may be the last one left.

    Every decade has had its own popular toys and every family has found a way to celebrate

    Christmas, even in the lean times such as the 1930s when parents were too concerned with having enough money to feed their family to give much thought to toys.

  • December school board meeting update

    The LaRue County School Board agreed at their monthly meeting on December 19, to advertise for bids that would improve the schools parking lots in the district.

    The board reviewed a report about blacktopping the parking lots at LaRue County High School from LaRue County Maintenance Director Phil Fulkerson. He stated the parking areas at LCHS are deteriorating because of water intrusion. He said the lots have been inspected by an expert and that there are several areas in need of repairs.

  • Year since man reported missing

    A year has passed since a LaRue County man went missing and there are still no clues of his whereabouts.

    Michael Key, 31, of Hodgenville was first reported as a missing person on December 16, 2015 when his vehicle was found parked on a gravel bar in the Rolling Fork River near Wayne Ennis Road in Howardstown.

  • Goodlett case delayed

    The child porn case against a former LaRue County High School Principal has been delayed because of a reported illness.

    According to Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Teresa Logsdon, the case against Stephen Kyle Goodlett was not presented before the Hardin County Grand Jury last Thursday because a police officer involved in the investigation was unable to attend because they were ill. She said the case is expected to be presented before the grand jury this Thursday.

  • Library considers new facility

    The LaRue County Public Library is currently under a contract to purchase a parcel of land located on Lincoln Parkway and Lincoln Drive. The purchase is part of an effort to receive a grant for the construction of a new library.

  • LCHS revises cell phone policy

    The LaRue County High School SBDM approved a revised policy at their meeting on Monday, December 12.

  • Cutting hair for love

    One LaRue County teen used the simple act of cutting his hair to help cancer patients in memory of his childhood sweetheart who passed away from cancer.

    Canyon Harned, 15, grew his hair out for a year before deciding to cut it.

    “I was tired of regular hair cuts. My hair grows pretty fast, so I figured what the heck; I’m going to grow it out.” Harned said.

  • LaRue County Rocks: a message of joy

    A Hodgenville woman is hoping to brighten peoples’ day by hiding painted rocks in places around LaRue County for people to find and keep or hide for someone else.

  • Man discovers bullet holes in home

    A LaRue County man told police that he came home Sunday, December 11 to find several bullet holes in his home.

    According to LaRue County Sheriff Russell McCoy, a local man, whose name has not been released, reportedly came home from church on Sunday to find eight bullet holes in his home on Mount Tabor Road between Buffalo and Mount Sherman. McCoy said the rounds appear to have been fired from a small caliber weapon.