Today's News

  • Druen Family Reunion

    Druen family reunion was held Sunday, August 23, 2015 at Three Forks Bacon Creek Baptist Church in Hammonsville, KY.

    Oldest man in attendance – James (Jim) Edward Davis – Son of the late Everett & Marie Davis

    Oldest woman in attendance – Ora Shelton Cantrell – Daughter of the late Edward & Nappie Shelton

    Youngest - Jayden Clark – Grandson of Diane and Phillip Druen

  • Everyone needs caregiving at some time in their life

    Caregiving, in some capacity, is in all of our futures. At this moment there are approximately 40 million people providing unpaid care to someone over the age of 65. It’s a tough job that can affect your physical and mental health as well as your professional goals. You may struggle to find a balance between the needs of loved ones, your work and yourself.

  • Social media, percolator coffee and a carnival

    Have you ever gotten worn out from too much information? So much comes at us from all different directions. I’ve become numb as a result of oversaturation of social media and hyper-connectedness.

  • It’s a morality issue, not a gun issue

    I’m still in shock after hearing the news about two reporters who were killed in a violent shooting on August 26 in Roanoke, Virginia.

    WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward were fatally shot while filming a news segment on live TV.

    The gunman, who was later identified as Vester Lee Flanagan II, was a former WDBJ employee. Flanagan videoed the shooting and posted it on his social media sites moments later. Flanagan then took his own life that afternoon.

  • Houchens Plaza remodeling

    Employees of Affordable Painting, Drywall and Home Improvement of Louisville, KY are sub-contracting for Houchens Industries to give Houchens Plaza on Shawnee Drive in Hodgenville, a fresh coat of new paint. Recently, the parking lot was also sealed and restriped.

  • Anniversary - Ray and Yvonne McDowell

    Ray and Yvonne McDowell are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary . They were married September 9, 1955 by the late Rev. Delmar Rice.

    The couple have two daughters: Amanda Crider and Denise Lawless and three sons: David McDowell, Alan McDowell and the late Neal McDowell, and 15 grandchildren.

    A reception will be held 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Saturday, September 12, 2015 at South Fork Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. All friends and relatives are invited to attend.

  • Engagement - McCubbin and Davis
  • Anniversary - Tommie and Frankie Bell
  • Virtual Machines - The trend of the future

    Virtual Machines have been around for literally decades, but reached widespread popularity in the last few years. Virtual Machines give a high level of security and flexibility. I use products from VMware.com, but there are many to choose from, and many of these are free, such as VirtualBox by Oracle, Microsoft has Hyper-V, and Parallels is very popular for Apple computer users.

    What is a Virtual Machine, or VM? The VM has a fancy title of hypervisor; it is software that works with your local host (real) OS and hardware to manage one or more “soft computers.”

  • News of Record - September 2, 2015

    Property Transfers

    The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the LaRue County Clerk’s Office in Hodgenville.

    Timothy T. Houts to David A. Burba and Lorrie T. Burba, property in Upton, $36,354.

    George Gilpin on behalf of Mary Elizabeth Gilpin as Successor Trustee to Kenneth Young Skaggs and Ruby L. Skaggs, property in Hodgenville, $75,900.

    Joseph R. Cox and Deborah J. Cox to James A. LaRue and Iris. S. LaRue, property in Hodgenville, $45,000.