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  • 4-H Talent Show winners announced

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  • Mouser’s response to residency

    Lisa Tolliver used 823 words in her article “Candidate’s Residency Questioned.” I am Phillip Mouser, the focus of that article. Three hundred words, that’s the maximum I’m allowed in my response to the article according to the publisher and editor of The Kentucky Standard where the article first appeared. Barely one-third the space allotted for a response. Fair?

  • ALES receives TIP grant

    Second graders at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School recently experienced a week-long residency constructing their own pop-up book with Kentucky Arts Council artist Jane McTeigue.

    Each book had four-page spreads highlighting the “top spots” in LaRue County, ways in which the children could be responsible community members and persons of interest in the community. The two Lincoln statues in downtown Hodgenville also were featured.

  • Nelson County candidate responds to story

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  • 4-H calendar

    Gardening Club

    The 4-H Gardening Club will meet 10 a.m. May 22 at Lee’s Garden Center. Members learn gardening tips and receive plants to grow in their gardens at home. The club is open to LaRue County youth of all ages.

    Livestock Club

  • Meredith wins Republican primary for state rep

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  • Mud Run - May 16 results

    Street Stock

    First: Katrina Alberton - Scottsburg, Ind.

    Second: Russell Fulkerson - Cox’s Creek

    Third: Jimmy Whitten - New Albany, Ind.

    Pro Street

    First: Kyle Atchison – Eminence

    Second: Presley Wilkerson – Munfordsville

    Third: Tony Evans – Smithfield

    Fourth: Gary Pare – Cecilia

    Pull Stock

    First: Andy Thomas – Elizabethtown

    Second: Greg Martin – Shepherdsville

    Third: John Mask - Brooks


    First: Barry Martin

  • Flood devastates Railway Museum

    Now that the waters have receded in LaRue and Nelson counties, the damage assessment is under way. In New Haven, the fast-moving flood proved particularly devastating for the tracks and model trains of the Kentucky Railway Museum.

    Greg Mathews, executive director for the Kentucky Railway Museum, said the flood has derailed their day-to-day operations.

    “It’s not a pretty picture,” he said.

  • Passing the Pen

    Sixteen years ago, Minnie Smith held her newborn great-granddaughter Megan in her arms.

    She was a good baby – a smart baby – who seldom cried and was blessed with Minnie’s sparkling dark brown eyes. As Megan grew, it became apparent the two shared a special bond. They would sit together for hours going through the family scrapbook while Minnie told stories about her ancestors and her children Bud, Gary (Megan’s grandfather) and Cheryl.

  • Working as legislative page an eye-opening experience

    For one day, Feb. 25, Leah Carter was able to see Kentucky government up close and personal as a daily legislative page.

    “One of my favorite experiences was sitting in Senator (Carroll) Gibson’s chair during the meeting,” recalled Carter, a straight-A junior at LaRue County High School. ”I know it sounds odd, but I was surrounded by 50 or so senators and it was like I was just as important as they were. I was the only page that got to sit down, so I felt special.”