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  • LaRue will host all-star action

    Landmark News Service

    The Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth District 10 All-Star tournaments are under way and the events for 8- and 9-year-olds are being played in LaRue County.

    The 8-year-old tournament has five teams entered. Meade County White will play Breckinridge County at 6:30 p.m. Thursday with the winner advancing to meet Elizabethtown, which received a bye, at 8:30 p.m. Friday. In the top of the bracket, Meade County Green plays LaRue County at 8:30 p.m. Thursday. The tournament wraps up Sunday.

  • Firefighters deal with gas spill at Circle K

    Hodgenville firefighters were called Thursday night to Circle K to deal with a gas spill.

    According to Fire Chief Terry Ovesen, a customer started the gas pump and walked inside the store. About 25 gallons of fuel poured onto the parking lot.

    Firefighters hosed down the lot to dilute the gas as they were instructed by Environmental Services, Ovesen said. They spent about two hours at the site.

  • Work to begin on logjam

    Landmark News Service

    A log jam in the Rolling Fork River is closer to being removed.

    If not taken care of, the jam could erode property along the river. The jam occurred during the January ice storm and the New Haven Board of Commissioners has been helping to acquire funds for the cleanup.

    The board has $16,000 to spend on the project, $12,000 of which was secured with help from Second District U.S. Congressman Brett Guthrie from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  • Hart County grand jury indicts Upton residents

    Two Upton residents were indicted by a Hart County grand jury.

    The Hart County News-Herald reported that Anna M. Miller, 29, of Pleasant Hill Road, was indicted for unlawful possession of methamphetamine precursors, first offense and complicity; first-degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and complicity; possession of drug paraphernalia and complicity; and public intoxication (controlled substance).

  • McKamey wins tennis tourney again

    Ten-year-old Michelle McKamey was a double winner at last week’s Joe Creason Kentucky State Qualifying Tennis Tournament in Louisville.

    She won the singles championship defeating Kailey King of Louisville 6-1, 6-1. Then, along with her partner Kailey King, she won the doubles title 7-6,6-3.

    McKamey was a repeat winner  as she won these same two titles last year as a 9-year-old.

    By winning, Michelle earned an invitation to the USTA Southern Tournament in Lexington, S.C., in mid-June.

  • Field Day cashing in on hay

    “Producing Alfalfa Hay for the Cash Market” will be the topic of an Extension Field Day at the Clayton Gerald’s farm in northern Hart County at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 9.

    The program is free and a free meal will be provided.

    The Geralds specialize in producing small square bales for the horse market. They grow 400 acres of alfalfa and alfalfa/grass hay, and 150 acres of timothy, orchardgrass and teff.

  • Turners visit friends and family in Hodgenville

    Capt. Mark Duell Turner, a doctor in the United States Navy, Sybil, Charles and Grace Turner, who are stationed in Cairo, Egypt, and Beverly and Charles Andrews of Raleigh, N.C., enjoyed a visit recently to Hodgenville with Pauline D. Turner.

    They were also guests in the homes of Barbara Fred Gowen, Cindy and Arthur Lee Turner and Carolyn and Franklin Turner.

  • Children need their fathers

    “Isaac called Jacob, and blessed him.” Genesis 28:1

    In Bible times, fathers placed their hands on their children’s heads and spoke certain promises over them, passing on the blessing from generation to generation.

    It’s why “Isaac called Jacob and blessed him,” and why Jacob refused to die before blessing his grandchildren, Genesis 48:14.

  • Man dies in Upton trailer fire

    Landmark News Service

    A memorial service has been scheduled for the 50-year-old man who died of smoke inhalation June 27 in a trailer fire in Upton.

    Gerald W. Corder, a retired employee of the Kentucky Department of Transportation, died in the blaze that consumed his home at 1071 George Tabb Road. His wife, Marian, said he had gone back inside the trailer after the fire broke out. His last words were to make sure the children were safe. The couple had custody of several of their grandchildren.

  • Sweeney family opens Bulk Foods and More

    Dorothy Sweeney grew up in an old family-owned general store. By age 8, she was running the cash register and pumping gas for customers. It was a great memory she carried all her life and she longed to open her own store.

    A few weeks ago, with the help of friends, Sweeney’s dream came true. She opened Bulk Foods and More in her husband’s old workshop at their home on Walter Reed Road.