Today's News

  • LCATS offers alternative to state traffic school

     LaRue County residents facing a minor traffic citation have a new option: the LaRue County Attorney Traffic School or LCATS.

  • First phase of Creekfront Park playground complete

     A set of swings at Creekfront Park in Hodgenville has seen plenty of action since it was installed last week.

  • Man faces 20 charges after high speed chase

     A Buffalo man faces more than 20 counts after allegedly leading local officers on a chase into Green County.

  • COLUMN: Water quality plans a must for some landowners

     The Agriculture Water Quality Act was passed by the Kentucky Legislature in 1994. It states that landowners with 10 or more acres in agricultural production or those who plan to harvest trees on 10 or more acres must develop a water quality plan.

    The plan documents the best management practices you're using to protect water resources. These best management practices could include planned grazing systems for livestock, filter or buffer strips around crop fields, animal waste storage structures and/or nutrient management plans.

  • Lincoln Days: New faces, events a success

     I apologize for the week’s delay in passing out kudos to the 37th annual Lincoln Days Celebration. My thoughts were timely but the writing was slow.

    As always – the festival was a success.

    I think the crowd was down – but the atmosphere was wonderful. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and participation was up in several events.

  • GRACE NOTES: 'Forgetness' can be a haunting experience

     Several weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about ghosts in closets — things that people say they’ve forgiven and forgotten, but they really haven’t.

    We talked about how difficult it is for people to forgive, and wondered aloud if it’s even possible. Or, if it is possible — and it must be since God tells us to forgive others “just as in Christ God has forgiven (us)” and if he tells us to do something, he always makes a way to do it — is it possible to forget?

  • Diabetes Coalition and Classes

     Hardin & LaRue Diabetes Coalition

    The Hardin & LaRue Diabetes Coalition will meet 6 p.m. Nov. 13 at the LaRue County Extension Office, Old E’town Road, Hodgenville. It is open to anyone with interest in early diagnosis, reduction of complications, prevention and elimination of diabetes. For more information or to register for classes, contact Melissa Conder at 769-1601, Ext. 1035.


    Managing meals

  • ON EDUCATING LARUE: Fall festivals a fun way to involve parents at school

     Next to baseball and apple pie, school fall festivals are another aspect of Americana that enjoy a long-standing tradition

    What is better than a bowl of steaming chili to warm kids and parents alike on a crisp, cold fall night? And what better way for a family to spend a Friday night than being together not only to eat, but also to enjoy the games, face-painting, and ever-present cotton candy?

  • Food Service Inspections

  • Brown sentenced to five years

     Christopher Brown, 22, of Buffalo, was sentenced to five years incarceration for second-degree burglary in Nelson Circuit Court.

    He was denied probation because his discharge would unduly depreciate the seriousness of the defendant’s crime.

    On or about Dec. 1, 2011, Brown unlawfully entered someone’s house with the intent to commit a crime while armed with a deadly weapon and tampered with evidence by dumping a gun safe and other items in a creek with intent to impair its availability in the official proceeding.