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  • Finding the perfect career

    “I wish I had thought of this a long time ago,” Tandy Jill Chase said of her business, Tandy’s Pet Salon, “I kind of feel guilty doing something I love so much.”

    Together with her two dachshunds, Ryder and Baj, she greets each client like they’re part of her own family.

  • The Internet of things

    The Internet of Things, or IoT, is hot new technology. IoT is about connectivity between smart-devices via the Internet.

    One of the first and most popular such devices is the Nest thermostat. I can control my Nest from my Smartphone, Tablet, or browser. I can set it to “away mode” while away from home or office. and save fuel costs, then turn it on to warm, or cool, my home or office well before I arrive.

  • Does technology control our lives?

    I recently received a reality check of how long it had been since I graduated high school and how I am considered old when it comes to technology.

    My reality check occurred after I read an article about what a typical day was like for a high school student in 2005. The article listed things like constantly checking your Myspace account on the computer, instant messaging your friends on the computer after school and having a Motorola RAZR phone so you could be considered one of the “cool kids.”

  • Boley gets McDonald’s All-American invite

    Elizabethtown High School senior Erin Boley, of Hodgenville, was named to the McDonald’s All-American Game, becoming the first area player to receive the honor.

    “It was awesome,” Boley said. “I was pretty nervous, but to see my name on the screen, it was amazing.”

    The McDonald’s All-American Games Selection Show, which aired on ESPNU on Sunday night, announced the teams for the All-Star games. Boley, though, actually saw the complete rosters on the USA Today website 10-15 minutes before the announcements.

  • My kids made me a sports fan, sort of

    It’s basketball season for the boys’ recreation league in our county, and this year we have two excited athletes ready to dribble that ball up and down the court with dreams of making buzzer beater game winning shots.

    It wasn’t long ago that I was completely clueless to what a buzzer beater, alley-oop or pick and roll is; a time when I couldn’t care less about a turnover and I paid absolutely no attention to March Madness or NBA play-offs or championships.

  • Four U.S. Representatives buried in Red Hill

    By Ron Sanders

    Guest Columnist

  • Every Christian’s Desire

    God’s will for every Christian is that we grow spiritually.  The writer of Hebrews challenges us, “... let us ... go on to maturity” (6:1).  God wants us to be like His Son. As Christians our standard for measuring our growth is not another Christian, but the Word of God.

    Life means problems; therefore, we spend much of our days facing and solving problems in the right attitude.  As long as we remain in this body we will face problems.

  • LaRue County cheerleaders help prepare Faith Athletics cheerleaders
  • 2015 a success for LaRue Co. Chamber of Commerce

    By Krista Levee

    LaRue County Chamber of Commerce Director

    2015 was an exciting year for the Chamber of Commerce. The Board of Directors approved 24 new Chamber Members and the office welcomed countless visitors from near and far representing 38 states and 13 countries.

  • LaRue County Schools step up security

    LaRue County Schools have taken steps to increase security by adding more cameras, including some high tech ones.

    “We added 65 cameras to the elementaries, the middle school, and the high school as well as the board of education,” said Rip Collins, district director of pupil personnel. “With the 65 we are adding, we now have 164 total cameras.”

    The cameras added to the two elementary schools and the middle school replace a system that has been in those schools for a number of years, according to Collins.