Today's News

  • Friday's icy weather led to wrecks, closures

     Freezing rain kept emergency crews busy Friday, beginning about 6 a.m. and lasting into the evening. Local roadways turned into a solid sheet of ice, closing schools, delaying court proceedings and causing headaches for anyone who had to be out on them.

  • Campbellsville University's online program recognized

     Campbellsville University’s online program has been acknowledged by U.S News & World Report.

    In the 2013 Best Online Graduate Business Programs report, Campbellsville University is ranked 86th. CU was the only college in the state to be ranked in this report with a numerical value. Other Kentucky schools that made the list but whose rank was not published include Murray State University and Western Kentucky University.

  • Youth wrestling results

     Results from the youth wrestling tournament at Meade County on Jan. 27:

    Thomas Hoppes, 2-1 (second place)

    Colby Padilla, 0-2

    Gabe Fortier, 2-1 (third)

    Jake Heady, 0-2 (third)

    Gavin Ferguson, 2-1 (third)

    Lucas Barnes, 1-1 (second)

    Dylan Thompson, 1-1 (second)

    Conlee Crossno, 2-0 (first)

    Dalton Rutledge, 2-1 (second)

    Noah Davis, 2-1 (second)

    Parker Anderson, 1-2 (third)

    Jesse Walters, 1-1 (second)

    Hunter Harrison, 3-0 (first)

  • PHOTO: Looking Back at LaRue

     UPDATE: Two people have identified the people in this photo. Barbara Cox, who now lives in Louisville, and Ron Walters, confirmed Robert Lee Walters of Magnolia is in overalls. He passed away in 1955. The man sitting on the fender is his son, Arthur Lee Walters of Magnolia. Both are buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery.

  • New Haven woman invents torsion sewing

    Justine Dennis, of New Haven, calls herself a fiber artist, and continues learning about her style of sewing she invented about 20 years ago, called Torsion Sewing.

    “As far as I know, nobody else does the same thing and it’s all done on the sewing machine,” she said.

    She added that many artist and gallery owners have told her that her style is unique and that they’ve never seen anything like it before.

  • PHOTO: Brennen's harvest

    Brennen Cruse harvested this doe with a bow in October. It field dressed 130 pounds.

  • PHOTO: Spring calves

    A pair of calves bedded down in hay on a farm outside Hodgenville

  • Students advance to Kentucky Children's Chorus

     Six local elementary and middle school students successfully auditioned for the 2013 Kentucky Music Educators Association’s All State Chorus.

    Of the 576 fifth and sixth grade students from 127 Kentucky schools, the six KMEA judges double-blind scored recorded auditions on a 250 point rubric in three areas - tonal memory, harmony and a prepared Latin solo in “Panis Angelicus” by Cesar Frank.

  • COLUMN: Pasture renovation pays

    Renovating pastures and hay fields to renew grass productivity is one of the most important things LaRue County farmers can do to improve their pasture and hay fields. Pastures and other forages feed the county’s 27,000 head of cattle and calves in addition to the other ruminant livestock and horses. It will soon be time to renovate this year.

    Pasture renovation (seeding legumes, usually clover, into an established grass stand) is a win‑win situation because it decreases production costs and increases animal performance, which should result in increased income.

  • Cheerleading competition, basketball game rescheduled

    Tonight’s LaRue vs. Caverna basketball game has been postponed until Saturday, due to icy roads. The Lady Hawks play at 6:30 p.m., followed by the Hawks at 8 p.m. at Caverna.

    The inaugural KHSAA Competitive Cheer Championships, scheduled for Saturday (Jan. 26), have been postponed until Feb. 23 at WKU’s Diddle Arena.

    Updated event information is available at the KHSAA website at khsaa.org.

    Local crews continue to work wrecks around the county and residents are urged to stay off the roadways.