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    Thought for the week: Five things You will never recover in life. 1. A stone after it’s thrown, 2. A word after it’s said, 3. An occasion after it’s missed, 4. Time after it’s lost and 5. Trust after it’s lost

    If you want to have all four seasons in a week, move to Kentucky. I can’t believe this weather with al the hot/cold and snow/rain. I am ready for all sunshine and temperatures 75 degrees, day in and out. Well it doesn’t hurt to wish for it.

  • Hodgenville Rotary news - February 21, 2018
  • Testing leads to promotion
  • Calendars - February 21, 2018

    Community calendar


    Park volunteers needed

       The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park is conducting a volunteer training from 12- 4 p.m. Saturday, March 10 at 2995 Lincoln Farm Road in Hodgenville. For more information contact the park at 270-358-3137.

    LACE nominations

  • Church calendar - February 21, 2018

    Lenten Lunch at FBC

    First Baptist Church Hodgenville invites the community for their Lenten Lunch 2018 each Thursday of Lent now through March 29. For more information call the church at 270-358-3193.

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Mark your calendars for the First Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt on March 24. More information is available by calling the church at 270-358-3193.

  • Write more

    Do you write? You might quickly answer with a “no,” thinking writing is something only authors and reporters do. But, you probably write more than you realize. Think about it, with all the text messages, emails, cards, letters and notes. Even if you don’t write much, maybe you should consider writing more.

    5 Reasons to Write More:

  • Church: Before, During, After

    Jesus told the story of two men who went to church.  Read the story in Luke 18:9-14 and you will easily see two different attitudes represented by the men.  One sees his great need while the other sees his great self.  One is boasting and putting himself on a pedestal, while the other man in humility pours out his heart to God in penitent tears.

  • Senator Steve Meredith’s legislative update

    We have reached the halfway point of the 2018 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly, and we are on our way to having a pension reform bill filed. We are confident that the pension proposal will reflect a significant amount of changes as a result of the feedback you, our constituents, have offered on this important subject. We also continued our work on the state budget and road plan and passed a number of bills this week.

  • This week in the State Capitol - State Representative Brandon Reed

    This week in Frankfort marked the halfway point of the 2018 Legislative Session. Kentucky is a robust state, with many incredibly good traits, and some serious issues still to tackle. Every two years in Frankfort, the Legislature is charged with crafting a budget to fund important government programs like education, public safety and transportation, just to name a few.