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  • Hawks win Falcon Cup at Monroe County

    The LaRue County High School boys' soccer team are the champions of the inaugural Falcon Cup at Monroe County. The team has the best record in the Fifth Region at five wins, one draw and only one loss.

  • Bad eating habits can be broken with help

    Do any of these food situations apply to you? Check all that apply from the past week:

    ___ eat out of a chip bag while watching TV

    ___ finish child’s or spouse’s meal when they have leftovers

    ___ cook and taste test

    ___ eat leftovers while putting food away

    ___ eat samples from the grocery store while shopping

    ___ imbibe in snacks in stores or vending machines

    ___ drink a can of soda

    ___ sports beverages or energy bars

    ___ work colleague who has candy bowl

    ___ whole box of cookies disappears

  • Babylon may be a symbol of satanic world system

    References for this column include Revelation 14:1-5, The Lamb and the 144,000; and Revelation 14:6-13; The proclamation of three angels.

    The first angel flies about the earth preaching the gospel to all men during the last three and a half years of this age. The same preaching we now hear except he will be able to announce the hour of God’s judgment. We can only announce it is coming.

    The second angel will fly in the heavens announcing the fall of literal Babylon, which will be destroyed under the seventh vial.

  • Lafollette wins at Junction City


  • Sports Shorts

    Fall softball signups

    LaRue County Youth Softball is having signups for fall league softball for girls 6-14 at LaRue County Parks and Recreation. This is an instructional league to develop pitching and prepare the girls for the upcoming spring season. The cost is $30 and includes a team T-shirt. Signups are 6-8 p.m. Sept. 2 and 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Sept. 4. For more information, call Regina Devers at 234-6217.

    Iron Horse 5K Run/Fun Walk

  • The cost of raising a child is rising

    In 2009, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a report estimating the annual expenses associated with raising children in two-parent and single-parent households. On average, households in the lowest income group spent 25 percent of their before-tax income on a child; those in the middle-income group, 16 percent; and those in the highest group, 12 percent.

    Total family expenditures on a child (for a total of 18 years), by single-parent and two-parent households:

    • $149,760 for single parent households

    • $160,410 for two-parent households

  • Hawk football returns Friday

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  • Reimbursement is condition of felony dismissal

    A felony charge against a Hodgenville man was dismissed Aug. 13 in LaRue Circuit Court – if he reimburses the complainant.

    Raymond Fancher, 40, was indicted of theft by unlawful taking in May based on accusations of a neighbor, Steve Druen. He was charged with junking Druen’s pulling tractor, valued at $950, without permission.

  • Patriotism conflicts with ‘content neutral’ territory

    Truism: It’s OK to sing the National Anthem at any place, any time, in the United States.

    This truism is not true.

    There are always exceptions. Sometimes it’s inappropriate to sing period. Please do not ever sit behind me and sing in a movie theater. You may end up wearing a box of popcorn.

    Besides that – if you thought, like me, that your freedom to express patriotism is unlimited in our country, you would be wrong.

    You cannot sing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

  • Volley for the Cure raises $1,462.07

    The Lady Hawks’ second home volleyball match Thursday was a resounding success. The ladies defeated Marion County 25-18, 25-21 and raised almost $1,500 for breast cancer research.

    The team participated in the third annual Volley for the Cure with proceeds from admissions and concessions going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. The team also sold T-shirts to raise money.

    According to booster co-president Lisa DeWitt, the total raised was $1,462.07 " almost 50 percent more than the $1,000 goal.