Today's News

  • Pesticide container collection date is Aug. 7

    The LaRue County Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Project will be conducted again this year. Commonly called Rinse and Return, the program provides a free, environmentally friendly way to dispose of used plastic pesticide containers.

    Local farmers and other users were encouraged to rinse the containers as they were used and store them until the collection date on Wednesday, Aug. 7. Other eligible plastic products can be recycled at the county’s recycling center.

    All recycled containers must be properly rinsed. Triple rinsing is suggested.

  • Check out Zinnia Fest on Groundhog Hill

    Sitting alone in a folding chair on a sunny afternoon in the middle of a babbling creek, a tired gardener’s mind tends to wander, and to wander, and then finally, to go blessedly blank.

    Then, the mind wanders some more before an image takes shape and solidifies: I sit on the edge of my truck tailgate smiling as friends mill about the garden laughing as they discover one flower more beautiful than the last. This isn’t Heaven. It’s Groundhog Hill.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Zinnia Fest is upon us.

  • Clobber it, Chloe
  • Score 76
  • Ponderosa Speedway, Junction City Points After July 12

    Super Late Models
    1. Victor Lee, 517
    2. David Webb, 411
    3. Justin Rattliff, 410
    4. Johnny Wheeler, 378
    5. Dustin Linville, 336
    6. Brad Neat, 292
    7. Jeff Watson, 245
    8. Timmy Taylor, 233
    9. Greg Johnson, 192
    10. Stephen Breeding, 176
    Open Wheel Modifieds
    1. Benji Lee, 434
    2. Michael England, 389
    3. Tommy Bailey, 377
    4. Elliott Despain, 368
    5. Bryan Barber, 357
    6. Dion Benningfield, 334

  • Sports Shorts -July 31, 2013

    Pool’s hours

    The LaRue County Park and Recreation swimming pool will be open every day throughout July and weekends only through August. It will be open 1-5 p.m. Sundays and 12:30-5:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Admission is $6 for 12 and older, and $3 for under 12.

    Youth soccer signups end Aug. 16

  • Eagle pride led to the Sweet 16 in 1958

    Hodgenville High School’s last year of operation in 1958 was highlighted by a famous climb to the top by its basketball team – the Eagles.

    The team won the 6th regional tournament, which led the team to the “Sweet 16” state tournament – the first and only time in HHS history.

    Eagle pride soared as the team defeated Hart Memorial High School and Caverna High School in the 22nd District Tournament sending the team on to the regional tournament.

  • 10s have a season to remember

    Bryson Arnette was named most valuable player in the opening game of the Cal Ripken Ohio Valley Regional tournament in Somerset. Before the weekend ended, he earned a second MVP pin – the only player to do so, according to his coach, Todd Morris.

  • 10s bring home pride
  • Back-to-school update: Yes, it’s next week

    It’s that time of year again – it’s back to school for LaRue County students!

    Aug. 7 will mark the beginning of the 2013-14 school year and the implementation of some changes.

    LaRue County High School
    New LCHS principal Kyle Goodlett spoke with The LaRue County Herald News to point out several important reminders for students and parents.

    First, Chris Price is the new assistant principal for LCHS, taking over for Goodlett.

    Second, cell phone usage is being regulated.