Today's News

  • The dark side of IoT

    Last week, we introduced you to the Internet of Things (IoT) and discussed a few of the cool devices to enhance your life. However, like most technology, there is a dark side you should be aware of as well.

  • Reed of Hodgenville files

    Republican candidate William Brandon Reed, 35, of Hodgenville filed on Thursday, January 14 for the office of State Representative 24th House District which represents Green, LaRue and Marion counties.

    Reed is married to his wife Olivia and they have two girls; Chloe, 4 and Alexandria, 11 months. Brandon Reed currently has a background in ministry and he finished studying political science at the University of Kentucky in 2004.

  • 4-H Calendar

    Arts and Crafts Explorers Club

    The 4-H Arts and Crafts Explorers Club will meet from 3:30-5 p.m. on January 27 at the Extension Office.

    Sewing Club

    The 4-H Sewing Club will begin meeting from 9:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday, February 6 at the LaRue County Extension Office. The Sewing Club is open to any 4-H youth that have completed the beginners sewing classes. Participants are asked to bring a t-shirt to this meeting for an up-cycle project.

    4-H Beginners Sewing Class

  • 4-H Shooting Sports Camp

    4-H members have an opportunity to learn about safety and shooting sports during the annual Shooting Sports Camp April 6-9 at the Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp.  

    Statewide, 120 members may sign up to participate, along with more than 80 adult and teen instructors and adult volunteers.  Shooting Sports Camp is for youth ages 9 to 13.

  • Lost in LaRue

    Sometimes you just have a hunch; you can’t explain it but something tells you to veer from your normal path and see what lies ahead in the other direction. One such hunch came over me last week on my way to work. I was running late and was just going to take the quickest route to Hodgenville from home, Hwy 31E. But something was telling me to turn off on Salem Church Road. Maybe it was my lack of acceptance that it was indeed production day after a long weekend with Monday off, but I followed my instincts and took the long way to work.

  • Lincoln Trail Chapter of KPR meeting
  • Get your resume ready for 2016

    Any time is a good time to set new career goals. However, with renewed motivation in January and all the potential of a new year ahead of us, it’s often a time when we find ourselves reflecting on a career move.

    If you’re one of the countless professionals who make a New Year’s resolution to land a new job, enter a new field or earn a promotion, now is the time for a resume refresh.

  • Peanut butter payments a success
  • Sweetheart Contest winners
  • Motorists strongly urged to stay off the roads tonight

    Despite the best efforts of road crews to clear and treat snow-covered roadways, motorists are still encouraged to stay off the roads tonight as the threat of refreezing increases.

    According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, road conditions are expected to worsen as temperatures fall to near zero tonight, especially in high elevation areas. Driving conditions will be slick and treacherous throughout the state.