Today's News

  • City Council reviews gas contract

    Buying a gallon of gas is a complicated matter for a municipality.

    Hodgenville City Clerk MaDonna Hornback explained the decision to change fuel providers to members of City Council Monday night.

    “I looked at the cost and what it will save the city,” said Hornback. “I do that on everything I do.”

    City vehicles were refueled at Bault Oil, a supplier outside city limits, up until a couple of months ago. The city’s contract called for a purchase price of 7 cents per gallon higher than wholesale.

  • Nutrition and health topics make headlines

    News outlets have been overflowing with lots of interesting nutrition and health topics in the past few weeks.  In case you have missed some of the major headlines, here is an overview of what’s on the plate:

  • Swimming pool at Parks and Rec vandalized

    There was an incident of vandalism at the LaRue County Parks and Recreation swimming pool July 6.

    While pool workers and police aren’t sure exactly when the damage was done, they say that it must have occurred sometime after 2 that morning.

    Pool Manager Bryan Sprowls said picnic tables, chairs and other equipment had been thrown into the pool. The vandals also spread wax and lotion throughout the pool area and wrote profanities on a dry erase board at the entrance of the pool.

  • The Lincoln Museum holds 'A House Divided' exhibit

    Abraham Lincoln invoked the phrase “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” The phrase referred to his belief that the nation could not survive without A solution to the question of slavery. Yet the Kentucky-born Lincoln might just as well have been talking about his in-laws.

    His wife Mary Todd was born into a slave-holding household in Lexington. Of her 13 siblings, eight of them were Confederate sympathizers. The “A House Divided” exhibit explores how their family’s statements and actions affected the Lincolns throughout the Civil War.

  • Church calendar

    Nolynn Baptist holds revival

    Nolynn Baptist Church will hold revival 7 p.m. through July 21. Dr. Dave Martin, pastor of Leitchfield First Baptist Church, will be the evangelist. 

  • Carpenter joins Herald News staff

    Candis Carpenter of Hodgenville has joined the staff of The LaRue County Herald News as an office assistant.

    Carpenter and her husband Shane have one child, Heaven Leigh, 2.

    She is enrolled in Elizabethtown Community and Technical College and expects to graduate in May 2011 with a degree in accounting.

    Her hobbies include spending time with her family and photography.

  • Kentucky Tourism will hold hospitality workshop July 15

    It’s time to let us know if you will be coming to the wonderful free program on how best to present your community, your organization and your business with topnotch hospitality and communication skills. It will be presented by Michelle Spencer-Allen of the Southern & Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association. STAR stands for Service, Training, Achievement, Recognition. Learn how to “Give ‘Em the Pickle” to create loyal customers. To register or for more information, e-mail mainstreethodgenville@windstream.net or call 358-5913.

  • Love draws people to the church

    Our biggest problem is in getting along with other people. How you treat other people is important. Warren Weirsbe said, “The way we behave toward people indicates what we really believe about God.”

    Getting along with other people is not a new problem. James (2:8) gives the solution in one sentence: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” The Bible says how we relate to other people shows how much we really love God (1 John 4:20).

  • KSP warns of fundraiser phone problem

    Citizens throughout the Commonwealth should be on guard for telephone solicitations requesting donations for the benefit of the Kentucky State Police.

    According to Lt. David Jude, commander of the KSP Media Relations Branch, the agency has received numerous reports from individuals throughout the state regarding efforts to raise funds for the families of fallen troopers or to purchase drug dogs for schools.

  • Enjoy peaches now and later with these freezing tips

    Summer peaches now are available at the LaRue County Farmers Market 2-5 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays at the Extension Service office parking lot. You can enjoy this taste year-round by freezing some for later use.

    Peaches cut in half or in slices have better quality when packed in 40 percent syrup or with sugar, but a water pack will work if sweetening is not desired. Add a half-teaspoon of powdered ascorbic acid for each quart of syrup. The ascorbic acid helps prevent the fruit from turning dark, you can find commercial products like Fruit Fresh that has this ingredient.