Today's News

  • Swimming pool chair lift fulfills ADA requirements

    Another improvement was made last week to the LaRue County Pool.

    Employees of Pools Plus in Elizabethtown delivered and assembled a portable swimming pool chair lift to Park and Recreation. 

    The lift is on wheels and is stabilized by 24, 30-pound weights.

    Hodgenville Mayor Terry Cruse said the city-owned pool could not continue to operate without the lift which will help the disabled use the pool.

  • School personnel receive 1 percent wage increase

    Employees of LaRue County Schools will receive a 1 percent wage increase next year.

    The LaRue County School Board unanimously approved the decision at its April 15 meeting.

    Board member Dawn Conner said “it’s difficult to get much more of an increase” due to the economy.

    The increase in salary will cost the District a total of $137,200.

    SBDM allocations

    The board approved the site-based decision making council allocations for each school.

  • Retirees honored by school district

    The LaRue County Board of Education honored several retirees April 15 at a reception in the Larue County High School Media Center. Friends, family members, board members and fellow staff congratulated those who attended.

    Superintendent Sam Sanders presented each retirees a plaque in honor of their years of commitment to the LaRue County school system. All retirees had served 10 to 30 years with the school system.

  • COLUMN: Handling Difficulties

    Life is full of difficulties – Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York; the tornadoes in Missouri and Henryville, Ind.; or the Boston Marathon bombings this past week. When there are disasters – what do you do? Do we ask for help or try to go it on our own?

    Whether it is tragedies like those already mentioned, work problems, financial problems, raising kids, aging, health problems or things similar, we all need help as we travel the road of life. So when we find ourselves in difficult or desperate situations, what should we do?

  • Church Calendar - April 24, 2013

    Food pantry at Church of Christ

    The LaRue County Church of Christ’s food pantry will give away food 6-7 p.m. April 24 and 9:30 a.m. to noon April 26 to those who qualify. The church is located on Old E’town Road, Hodgenville. For more information, call 358-9812.


    Women’s conference at Crume’s Monuments

  • PHOTO: Looking Back at LaRue

    Local attorney Carl Howell Jr. shares this photo of downtown Hodgenville circa 1942 with readers of The LaRue County Herald News. The view is of East Main Street (Bardstown Road) leading toward the town square. That’s the back of the old LaRue County Courthouse at the end of the street. Donahue Ferrill Chevrolet was on the left – later moving to the right side of the street where the Ford dealer was located.

  • Proposed pipeline may cut through county

    A proposed pipeline that will transport natural gas from Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania to Louisiana’s Gulf Coast may pass through LaRue County.
    Plans call for pipelines that would transport the liquids from producing areas to a transmission system in Hardinsburg where they would connect to another transport system to Eunice, La. The proposal also calls for a processing plant to be built in Louisiana and upgrades to existing lines.
    LaRue County Judge/executive Tommy Turner received a letter from the developers a few months ago asking about rights-of-way.

  • COLUMN: Good customer service deserves a helpful tip

    One of my coworkers recently shared her experience with a cell phone company’s customer service, and it sparked a big conversation in the workplace about some of our experiences.

    First, let me say, no one is perfect, and you can’t please everybody, but you can be cordial and polite when trying to do so.

    There are times a customer may not be satisfied with anything you say or do. And I can attest to that.

    But my most recent restaurant experience affected not only me but the people around me, as well.

  • Man recovering from shooting

    A LaRue County man is in stable condition after being shot in the chest Sunday evening.
    Dennis Locke, 55, was flown to University Hospital in Louisville following what police described as a “family dispute.”
    LaRue County Sheriff Merle Edlin said Locke “will be all right.”
    Edlin said the dispute had been going on “about all day” and culminated with Locke’s 24-year-old son Kevin Locke attempting to get a 9 mm weapon away from his father.
    Dennis Locke was hit in the upper shoulder, Edlin said.

  • COLUMN: Meet local snake expert: Bob Todd

    We received a visit in the office last week from long-time herpetologist Bob Todd.

    Mr. Todd, who lives in Sonora, saw the article about a copperhead in last week’s LaRue County Herald News and wanted to offer his opinion on it.

    Mr. Todd knows snakes. He’s spent a lifetime studying them.

    He thinks the snake pictured was not a venomous copperhead but a harmless Prairie Kingsnake.

    To the unpracticed eye, the snakes closely resemble each other. Their coloration is similar.