Today's News

  • Inmate escapes from Nelson County Jail

    For the first time in nearly two decades, an inmate in the Nelson County Jail has  escaped from the facility.  

  • LaRue juniors participate in APES program

    Congratulations to the participants in the American Private Enterprise Seminar program held May 20-21. Twenty-five LaRue County High School juniors participated and learned about American economics. They are Leah Carter, Brittany Carman, Cassady Crim, Emily Dewitt, Robert Gatton, Brent Gozzard, Bo Haun, Britney Heinbaugh, Kellise Hoefer, Ryan Howell, Michael Huff, Breanna Huhn, Molly Kennedy, Michelle Meredith, Nathaniel Nash, Lauren Patterson, Danielle Peeler, Ryan Ramsey, Tonya Riggs, Shelby Rogers, Andrew Skaggs, Abby Sullivan, Lexi Uhl, Lyndsay Whitlock and Valerie Whitlock.

  • Bell is a great coach

    I want to thank Coach Derek Bell for his extraordinary dedication with our youth soccer players and association.

    We are truly fortunate that you are willing to share your time and knowledge with our children. You are such an inspirational mentor to all.

    And for those who ask, who is Coach Bell?

    He is a British soccer enthusiast with a great love and knowledge of soccer.

    He is a devoted coach that gives all of himself from the kindness of his heart to all who will listen.

  • The 'father wound' can be healed

    A dear friend recently lost his father and another friend commented that the “father thing” is huge, no matter the relationship.

    Those with good fathers mourn the goodness of the relationship and the sweet memories of good days gone by.

    Those with fathers who caused pain and turmoil in the family by their presence (or by their absence or indifference) mourn the relationship that neveIr was but might have been.

    The father thing, indeed, is huge.

  • Wild goose chase turns into mooch-fest

    A couple of weeks ago, a pair of Canadian geese took up residence in a pond in the field behind our house.

    They appeared to be happy, squawking and swimming and trying to avoid the four longhorns who were there first.

    The longhorns do not like company – save for a few birds and my husband Bud when he feeds them. We once had a problem with stray dogs and coyotes prowling the field. Those cows – with their frightfully long horns and attitude to match – have taken care of the situation.

  • Blood drive collects 34 units

    Thank you to the 29 individuals who donated blood June 8 at the Hodgenville Woman’s Club. A double thanks to Pam Baker, Jr. Puyear, Donnie Propes, Nick Boone and Blake Bault for donating using the double red procedure.

    We collected 34 units of blood.

    Many thanks to the volunteers who worked – Cecil Druen and Rob Brown.

    The community blood drive will return Aug. 10.

    Faye Puyear

    Volunteer coordinator

  • Tax reform movement is growing

    Dr. Richard Gilbert of Hodgenville was recently found guilty of tax evasion in a Louisville court. I can’t think of a family more moral and upstanding than the Gilberts. They’re the modern equivalent of The Waltons meets Little House On The Prairie. How could someone so moral and honest to a fault be convicted of tax evasion? His fault and folly was standing on principle and speaking truth to power. The questions he asked the IRS and later posed in court can be distilled to form one simple question. Could you please show me the law that requires me to pay these taxes?

  • LaRue residents reap the rewards of adult education

    Come 6 p.m. Monday in LaRue County High School’s auditorium, several adults will be rewarded for their initiative, perseverance and hard work in gaining their GED.

    “General Education Development is the nationally recognized high school equivalency test,” said Sarah Hornback, director of family services who coordinates the program.

  • 4-H calendar

    Check for lice

    4-H campers are required to have a lice check conducted before attending camp. The lice check will be 10:30 a.m.-noon June 28 at the Extension Service office. Parents should bring camper’s medications as well as money for the crafts class at this time. If you have questions, contact the Extension Service at 358-3401.

  • Bible doesn’t reveal the 'seven thunders'

    Revelation 10:1-7 discusses the mighty angel with the little book. The seven thunders uttered their voices, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, seal up the things which the seven thunders uttered and do not write them.

    In these verses, the seven thunders are not revealed.

    Revelation 10:8-11: John eats the little book.