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  • Church Calendar - August 10, 2016

    Annual Trail Ride for Christ

  • Overcoming consumer Christianity

    By Paul Richey

    The Western Church has fallen prey to the mindset of consumerism. We attempt and expect perfection. Each individual approaches ministry with the ideology that the customer is always correct and that if we feel disappointed then we have the right to demand change or choose another location to “attend” church. Consumer Christianity is robbing individuals of the joy of the Lord in their lives and leaving them searching for something to fill the void that only God can ultimately fill.

  • Our spiritual positions

    “We have been taken out of the great graveyard of sin and placed in the throne room of glory.”  Warren Weirsbe in his Bible commentary on Ephesians says this is “our spiritual position in Christ.”

    When we responded by faith to what Jesus did for us on the cross as He died for our sins, Christ became our Savior, our sins were forgiven and we became a child of God.  Spiritually, Paul explains what happened to us in Ephesians 2:1-10. He shows us how sin worked against us, God worked for us and in us and desired to work thru us.

  • Narrowing the gap

    By State Rep. Terry Mills

    Kentucky received some welcome news last month when a national study found that no state had a smaller gap when comparing the high school graduation rates of students from low- and higher-income families.

    The average gap across the country stands at 15 percent, but it’s just one percent here in the commonwealth.  In fact, our low-income students graduate at a higher rate than the overall national average, something only five other states can say.

  • Just Ask - August 10, 2016

    I’ve noticed several homes in the city, which are becoming eyesores because the owners choose not to mow the grass.  Isn’t there some type of ordinance that covers such situations?  What can be done to improve the looks of our city?

  • Staking a claim
  • Do you have fans?
  • Eating well as you age

    The physical benefits of a healthful diet include increased resistance to illness, faster recuperation times, higher energy levels, and better management of chronic diseases. The mental benefits are just as important and include increased cognitive function, better stress management, and emotional balance.

    Here are some basic guidelines from UK Health & Wellness for healthful eating as you age:

    Choose more whole foods and fewer processed foods. Focus on food that is as close to its natural form as possible.

  • Rotary Guest
  • Employee of the Month

    Deanna Powell has been selected as the July Employee of the Month for Nationwide Uniform. We are proud to say Deanna has been employed with Nationwide since March of 1996 and is currently under the supervision of Nellie Gaskin in the trouser department. Deanna will receive a special award for her dedication and service.