Today's News

  • Hodgenville council approves salary increases

    The Hodgenville City Council voted for a cost of living increase for all city employees, council members and the mayor.

    The salary increase discussion started when Hodgenville Mayor Kenny DeVore brought up a 2017-2018 cost of living increase for all city employees. Employees at the police and water department were proposed to receive a five percent increase and all other employees to receive a one and one-half percent increase.

  • A scout with a vision

    Traffic congestion in front of LaRue County Middle School and on South Lincoln Boulevard is a common sight around 7:30 a.m. during a school day. However, one local boy scout is looking to make the traffic congestion a less common sight.

  • Father of several, patriarch of many

    Father of four and (counting children’s spouses and grandchildren) patriarch of 19, Hodgenville resident Jim Rogers learned a lot about being a good father from his dad, Elmer Rogers, who died in 1997 at the age of 87.

    “I don’t remember him setting me down and telling me about the birds and bees, but he taught me many things about being a good father by example,” said Rogers, who lives in Hamilton Acres in Hodgenville.

  • LaRue County Bootleg

    There’s no doubt LaRue County has a colorful history. While the most infamous claim to fame in LaRue’s history is certainly the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, LaRue County has also had its share of bootleg history. Moonshine could be found all up and down the hills and hollers of LaRue County’s borders.

  • Royalty visits Hodgenville

    A seventh generation decedent of the man Hodgenville was named after recently visited the city.

    Brandi Weiss of Eldora, Iowa attended the Hodgenville City Council meeting on Monday, May 12. The council unanimously voted to make her an honorary citizen of the City of Hodgenville. Weiss is the great-great-great-great-great granddaughter of Robert Hodgen, who Hodgenville was named after when it was founded after the petitioning of the Hardin County Court by his family in 1818.

  • Prescription meds can still mean DUI

    Police are performing traffic checkpoints to try and get impaired drivers off the road. The most recent checkpoint was conducted at the intersection of Campbellsville Road and Hwy 1618 in Hodgenville.

  • LaRue Relay raises over $52,000

    The 2017 LaRue County Relay for Life was held on the square in downtown Hodgenville on Saturday, June 3.

    The annual event is the signature fundraising event for the American Cancer Society as it is held in more than 5,200 communities in 27 different countries.

    The LaRue County Relay for Life started out with a survivor ceremony lap, caregiver lap and team laps. The event also featured live concerts, cake auction, games and a luminary ceremony.

  • Preserving Lincoln’s Birthplace

    Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park is undergoing several maintenance projects to make sure it preserves the park for visitors for years to come.

    ALBNHP Superintendent Jay Grass said the project includes work on the memorial building steps, visitor center building, bathrooms at the visitor center and sidewalks throughout the park.

  • 2017 Mother of the Year

    The 2017 LaRue County Mother of the Year is Brittney Carl of Hodgenville. She is married to Jonathan Carl and they have three daughters: Sophia, Lydia and Alia. Love for children led this family to cherish all their daughters, one of which was adopted from China. Their family also plans to support a teenager through the Foster parent program.

    Britteny grew up in theRineyville area and is a graduate of Campbellsville University and Nova Southeastern University.

  • Conservation: Changing LaRue's landscape

    The first part of this series we looked at the beginnings of conservation in LaRue County, what farming was like in the early 1940s and improvements that were made to farms, some of which are still in place today.