Today's News

  • Teacher of the year candidate

    LaRue County High School FFA advisor and agriculture teacher Misty Bivens was named a 2018 Kentucky Teacher of the Year candidate on Thursday, April 6.

    Bivens was one of 24 teachers across the state selected to receive a 2018 Valvoline Teacher Achievement Award from Valvoline and the Kentucky Department of Education. The award qualified them as a candidate for the 2018 Kentucky Teacher of the Year.

  • Funnel cloud spotted in Hodgenville

    All of LaRue County and the surrounding area was on high alert last Wednesday, April 5 when a storm system rolled through the state bringing high winds, hail and heavy rains.

  • Escaped inmate remains on the run

    After escaping from custody over a week ago, a pregnant LaRue County inmate is still on the run.

  • Cross country cyclists visit LaRue

    They may be traveling thousands of miles on a bicycle, but their trip included a detour through LaRue County and a stay with a local Hodgenville family.

    Tyler Indyck and Brendan Macera, both 25 of New York City, started their cross country bicycling journey on March 1 in Los Angeles, California and they hope to complete their trip in New York City on May 1. In the meantime, they rode through Hodgenville last Wednesday, April 5, to stay at the home of LaRue County School Board Chair Dawn Conner.

  • Animal shelter contract extended for LaRue Co.

    The Hardin County Fiscal Court just recently approved a one year contract extension between them and the LaRue County Fiscal Court to provide animal shelter services to LaRue County.

    The contract began in 2013 and and costs LaRue County $21,000 a year. It allows up to 20 dogs and cats each month to be housed in the Hardin County Animal Care and Control and up to $15 an animal beyond the allotted amount. Hardin County Animal Care and Control also has full responsibility for adoption, returning animals to owners, euthanasia, etc. 

  • Lincoln Memorial steps project

    The steps to the memorial building are now temporarily closed due to a construction project to repair and improve them. The steps will be closed until May 26, weather permitting. A temporary fence has been erected closing the steps and visitors can access the park by the Boundary Oak trail, boardwalk or two other staircases that lead up to the Memorial Building.

    The 56 steps represent the number of years in President Abraham Lincoln’s life. The renovation of them is the first time they have been renovated since they were built in 1911.

  • LaRue County inmate escapes

    A pregnant LaRue County inmate escaped Sunday afternoon while receiving care at Hardin Memorial Hospital. Authorities said 27-year-old Brittany Zabala was last seen running towards Woodland Drive from Hardin Memorial Hospital at approximately 6:55 p.m. on Sunday, April 2. She is also reportedly 15 weeks pregnant.

  • Midwest Wildfires: Locals aid in relief

    The LaRue County Cattlemen’s Association has joined in a multi-county Wildfire Relief effort, sending donations to farmers in Kansas that were directly affected by the March wildfires that spread across four Midwest states; Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas.

  • Handley appointed to school board seat

    All the seats are now filled on the LaRue County School Board as Paul Handley of Hodgenville was recently appointed to fill the vacant seat in the second district of Hodgenville East and White City.

    Handley was officially appointed to the vacant seat on March 17 by Kentucky Education Commissioner Stephen L. Pruitt. According to KRS 160.190, the state education commissioner will appoint someone to fill a vacant school board seat within 90 days after the vacancy occurs.

  • Sanders vs. Hodgenville case still pending

    The civil suit filed by DeeAnne Sanders against city officials is still pending.

    The lawsuit is against the City of Hodgenville, Steven R. Johnson, and other unknown defendants. The case has had 52 different filings in it since it was originally filed on April 13, 2015. The last filing was on March 3, 2017 and it was a “defendants’ memorandum of law in support of motion for summary judgment.”