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  • Hatmaker resigns

    The head coach for the LaRue County High School varsity football team recently stepped down after accepting another job in Alabama.

    Tony Hatmaker resigned as head coach Friday, March 24 after accepting a position as a defensive coordinator for Pinson Valley High School in Birmingham, Alabama.

    LCHS Athletic Director David Dawson said the LaRue County head coaching job was posted on Monday, March 27 and there are not any candidates to speak of at this time.

  • Goodlett state trial set

    Former LaRue County High School Principal Kyle Goodlett had his state child pornography trial set for October.

    Goodlett appeared in Hardin County Circuit Court on Tuesday, March 21 for a pretrial conference. His trial was set in Hardin County Circuit Court on October 23 at 9 a.m. and another pretrial conference was set for October 10 at 1:15 p.m. in the same court.

  • Jolly goes old school

    While surfing through some television channels in the 1980s, LaRue County resident Joe Jolly happened across a Kentucky Educational Channel program that sparked an interest which led him to a hobby he enjoys to this day.

    “The program was the ‘Woodwright’s Shop’ with Roy Underhill who repaired stuff using hand tools instead of power tools,” said Jolly who lives between Buffalo and Mt. Sherman off Highway 61. “As I watched it, I said to myself, ‘I think I would like to do that.’”

  • Petitioning for a wet-dry vote

    Two petitions have been circulating around Hodgenville and the rest of LaRue County to determine if alcohol should be sold in the area.

    The latest petition is for a wet-dry vote to determine if alcohol should be sold anywhere in LaRue County. The petition was started earlier this month by Hodgenville Councilmember Lisa Reidner.

  • From phone exchanges to smartphones

    The phone history of the Hodgenville Exchange

    In 1968, a successful Virginia Slims cigarette television commercial depicting the progress of women’s fashion made famous the line, “You’ve come a long way, Baby!”

    The same line could be used to describe the evolution of the telephone. The device Alexander Graham Bell first patented in 1876 has changed remarkably from its creation as an instrument for simple voice communication to today’s ever-increasing uses that are limited only by the imagination of application designers.

  • Highspeed chase leads to accident in Buffalo

    A teenage juvenile led police on a high-speed chase through Buffalo on Sunday, March 26 that ended in a head on collision.

    According to the citation, LaRue County Deputy Sherrif Kevin Bennett observed a 2003 Chevy Malibu on Greensburg Road traveling south at 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. Once Bennett turned his emergency lights on, the driver, who was later identified as a male juvenile, was reported to have tapped his brakes and proceeded onto Bailey Road allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed.

  • Memorial Building Stairs to close at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP

    A construction project has been scheduled to repair the stairs leading up to the Memorial Building at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park in Hodgenville.

    According to Stacey Humphreys, Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management at ALBNHP, the drain installation is set to begin the week of April 3. Due to this project, the memorial stairs will be closed from April 3 to May 26.

  • From Civil War to world class quality

    LaRue County is home to a factory that produces a product sent out to all 50 states and is worn by the United States’ finest.

    Nationwide Uniform, Inc., commonly known in LaRue County as the “sewing factory,” is part of Fechheimer Brothers Company, a Berkshire Hathaway Company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Fechheimer has been around since 1842 and even made uniforms for both the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War.

  • Magnolia Fire dept. gets state funding cut

    The Kentucky Department of Local Government announced on Monday, March 27 that state funding was temporarily withheld for Magnolia Fire and Rescue.

    According to the news release, Magnolia Fire and Rescue is in violation of state law for failure to comply with the reporting requirements of KRS. 65A. 020, which outlines the duties of Department for Local Government relating to forms, reporting and online access and failure to submit the information.

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