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  • Library hosts Arts & Crafts classes
  • LaRue Students help with Lincoln Days

    Producing successful Lincoln Days celebrations year after year requires the cooperation of many individuals, groups, and organizations in LaRue County.

    LaRue County students from each of the schools are a major contributor to this effort.

    For instance, LaRue County speech students served coffee and juice, refilled drinks, cleared plates, plus washed dishes and cleaned tables at the Lincoln Days breakfast at the Woman’s Club in Hodgenville.

  • A struggle for most calorie density and weight control

     Most people eat until they feel satisfied or full, and this is why portion control can be very hard to conquer for weight loss. To lose weight without chronic hunger, you need to choose foods that will make you fill full without being very high in calories. This is also referred to as choosing foods with low calorie density.

  • 4-H Calendar - October 11, 2017

    4-H Poultry Club

    The 4-H Poultry Club will meet from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 11 at the LaRue County Extension Office. New members are welcome to attend.

    4-H Canoe and Kayak Club

    The 4-H Canoe & Kayak Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 11 at the LaRue County Extension Office. New members are encouraged to attend.

     4-H Teen Club

  • Lincoln Trail Youth Salute setup
  • Stink bug management

    A stinky brown army is marching across Kentucky this fall, accidentally entering your homes and offices and they look for protective overwintering sites. Brown marmorated stink bugs leave a stain and a very unpleasant odor when mashed. Once winter ends, the insects move on and resume their normal life cycle. But they can leave a path of plant damage in their wake. You take charge and reclaim your structures and fields from these invaders.

  • 2017 Lincoln Days Railsplitter Run results



    Place Name Time Age

    1 Gabe Lafollette 17:39.2 16

    2 Isabella Galvez 19:18.2 17

    3 Ryan Allen 20:08.8 13

    4 Tyler Wheeler 21:27.7 17

    5 Ryan Montgomery 22:16.6 28

    6 I. Day 22:19.5 9

    7 Brian Harmon 22:28.5 38

    8 Connor Nicholas 22:53.4 13

    9 Jason Wolford 23:51.7 43

    10 Jacob Hinton 23:57.5 13

    11 Jason Harmon 24:54.8 29

    12 Jarrod Shirley 25:17.3 13

    13 B. Shirley 25:17.7 8

  • 2017 Elementary Art Show Winners


    Hodgenville Elementary School


    Name Teacher

    Bryce Edwards Abbott

    Alia Carl Lawler

    Ellie Grace Day Tharp

    Ella Hutchin Webb


    Austin Hughes Carl

    Victoria DeBarge Devore

    Avery Gardner Holbert

    Jackson Edwards A. Williams


    Elliana Walsh Ellis

    Anahi Robledo Murray

    Billy York M. Price

    Aley Price Thomas


    Abigail Whittington Altman

  • 2017 Lincoln Days Art Show

    Lincoln Days, The Lincoln Museum, Lincoln National Bank, and LaRue Insurance served as sponsors and hosts for the 46th Annual Lincoln Days Art Show held in the Lincoln Museum Community Room at the kick-off event for this year’s festival on Sunday, October 1.

    This year’s juror was Linda J. Cundiff, Art and Design Chair, Professor of Art at Campbellsville University. An established artist in her own right, Mrs. Cundiff has taught art for over 41 years. Winners are listed below:


  • Cooking corner - October 11, 2017

    Quick Cookies

    1/4 cup brown sugar

    1/2 cup margarine (softened)

    1 cup flour

    1tsp vanilla

    Mix all ingredients and form into one inch balls. Place on cookie sheet and bake ten minutes at 350 degrees.