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  • First day enrollment remains stable

     A total of 2,310 students showed up for classes at LaRue County Schools for the first day on Aug. 8.

    The figure does not include enrollment at The Life Connection, an alternate school near Sonora.

    Last year’s first day enrollment was 2,353 which included 32 students at TLC.

    First Day Enrollment


    Abraham Lincoln Elementary School  505

    Hodgenville Elementary School  534

    LaRue County Middle School  562

    LaRue County High School  709

  • FREE MOVIE NIGHT: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

     The summer’s final Free Movie Night will be shown at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 15 at the Hodgenville Civic Center.

    The black-and-white film, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” is a western classic. It’s set in 1910 when an aging senator, Ransom Stoddard (played by James Stewart) returns to a small town to attend the funeral of Tom Doniphon (played by John Wayne).

    Stoddard’s successful career can be traced to the day he stood up to the villainous Liberty Valance, shooting him in self-defense.

  • Building and zoning permits - August 2012

     August Building and Rezoning Permits

    Information compiled from Land of Lincoln Planning and Zoning records

    Aug 1. - James A. Simon - Miller Road, Hodgenville – pool

    Aug. 1 - David Walsh - Tonieville Road, Hodgenville – deck

    Aug. 2 - James Miller - Memory Lane, Buffalo – deck

    Aug. 2 - Emmett Jacobs - Eugenia Avenue, Hodgenville – sunroom

    Aug. 3 - Maynord Spurlock - Dangerfield Road, Hodgenville - land division

  • COLUMN: Remain in the joy of the Lord

     “Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord” (Philippians 3:1). When we become Christians we have the “joy of the Lord.” But over time and through many experiences some seem to lose their joy.

    King David lost his joy and came to the Lord with the request – “Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation” (Psalm 51:12). For David it was adultery, but there are many other joy killers in life. Our concern today is how to restore or maintain the joy God gives us. 

  • HAWKS SOCCER: Team photo

  • Rains from Isaac give soybeans a boost

     Remnants of Hurricane Isaac provided much needed moisture for most of the state’s soybean crop, said Chad Lee, grain crops specialist with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

  • SOCCER: Hawks fall to E'town

    After eight straight games under Murphy’s Law – what can go wrong will go wrong – Travis Richardson and the slumping Elizabethtown Panthers finally had something go right Tuesday.
    Richardson had one assist and two goals, including the game winner in the final 4 minutes, as the All-State junior striker helped the visiting Panthers finally hold off the LaRue County Hawks, 4-3 in the area rivals’ inaugural meeting.

  • COLUMN: Grow veggies later in the season

     Don’t let fall or potentially frosty temperatures stop you from enjoying garden- fresh produce. Extend the nutritional value and homegrown flavor into your fall and early winter meals with the help of short season crops and season extending strategies.

    Lettuce, spinach, radishes, turnips and beets are quick to mature from seed to harvest. Plus, the cooler temperatures enhance their flavor. Simply count the number of frost-free days left in your growing season and compare it with the number of days from planting to harvest listed on the seed packet.  

  • General Assembly's 2013 schedule set

     The 2013 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly is scheduled to begin on Jan. 8 and will last 30 legislative days.

    As usual during an odd-numbered year, in which sessions are half as long as in even-numbered years, the session will have two parts. The first four days of the session – Jan. 8 to Jan. 11 – will focus on organizational work, such as electing legislative leaders, adopting rules of procedure and organizing committees. The introduction and consideration of legislation can also begin during this time.

  • CAIP grants require recordkeeping and site visit

     There are 11 major investment areas eligible for reimbursement in this year’s County Agricultural Investment Program (CAIP). All areas have been designated by the LaRue County Agricultural Development Council as a primary focus investment area and are eligible for a maximum producer 50 percent cost share reimbursement limit of $2,000.