Today's News

  • McConnell becomes longest-serving senator from Kentucky

    From his high-profile spot in the thick of Senate action, Mitch McConnell sometimes glances back to the corner seat he occupied long ago during his days as a Senate newcomer.

    McConnell, just starting his fifth term, has risen from the back bench to minority leader, and now the Republican known as a cunning, hard-hitting political strategist is about to achieve another milestone.

    On Saturday, McConnell surpassed former Sen. Wendell Ford as the longest-serving Kentucky senator.

    Ford served 8,772 days as a senator, according to the Senate historian's office.

  • New Haven works to increase safety on city streets

    In a first reading, New Haven Board of Commissioners voted Thursday to add four additional no-parking zones in the downtown area.

    New restricted parking areas will include South Main Street and North Main Street on either side of East Center Street and on the east side of the E. Center Street entrance to the Five Star gas station, on the south side of East Center Street across from the East Center Street entrance and on North Main Street and East Center Street corner in front of the Five Star.

  • Shoe toss missed its mark in U.S.

    “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.”

    That was Elvis Presley’s spin on the Indian proverb “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins.”

    So I’ll take his advice and not judge journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi too harshly. He’s the Iraqi TV reporter who hurled his shoes at President George W. Bush at a press conference in Baghdad last weekend. Bush was making a farewell tour of the country and working on a plan to end the war by 2010.

  • The last gift under the tree

    One gift remained under the Christmas tree.

    I hadn’t noticed that the box had been pushed into a corner, intentionally set aside as the last to be opened. The significance was lost on me, even after Mom pushed it in my direction.

    Christmas always had been special in my parents’ home. They made it that way.

  • City cuts Main Street budget

    Hodgenville’s Main Street committee met Dec. 17 to discuss an anticipated 25 percent budget cut. The quickly called meeting has led to questions about a possible violation of the Open Meetings Act.

    The Main Street organization, supported by city funds and grants, works to revitalize and preserve historic features of the downtown. Mayor Terry Cruse informed the group’s president, Larry Davis, the city’s contribution would be reduced by $500 per month this year. The city has been supplying $2,000 per month.

  • Campbellsville University offers reduced tuition

    Campbellsville University, by offering reduced tuition in the Adult College Choice for Evening Learners Program, is stepping forward and helping those who have recently lost their jobs.

    The university will discount tuition and related fees, not covered by state and federal financial, or other publicly funded programs, for up to two classes for any dislocated, or recently unemployed, adult who enrolls in the ACCEL Program.

    It provides adult learners the opportunity to earn a degree in a convenient and accelerated manner at a tuition discount rate of $265 per credit hour.

  • LaRue High graduate glides through skies

    In this age of rocket thrusters and afterburners, 1999 LaRue County High School alumnus and Navy pilot Jonathan Whelan flies a propeller plane that, in comparison to the FA 118, F-122 and other jets is like matching the tortoise to the hare.

    But this aircraft, the P-3 Orion, is perfectly suited to the crucial military missions it performs and wouldn’t be as effective at supersonic speeds.

  • January brings annual events

    January brings several farm-related state annual meetings and state programs important to LaRue County and Kentucky farmers. In today’s column we will highlight the programs of many of them.

  • Mat Hawks defeat top-ranked Union County

    The LaRue County Mat Hawks defeated the top-ranked team in the state at the Central Hardin Duals Saturday.

    Defending state champion Union County bypassed Trinity in the polls for the top spot in the state just four days before heading to the duals. Union County, loaded with seniors, was defeated 36-37 by the youthful LaRue grapplers.

    The coaching staff scheduled the hardest tournaments early in the season in hopes of aging a very young wrestling team. 

  • Lady Hawks conk Caverna 50-24

    The Lady Hawks (5-4) lost their second game in as many days in the Campbellsville University/Coca-Cola Holiday Classic on Dec. 30. LaRue’s loss came at the hands of Taylor County, 50-37.

    Sophomore guard Valerie Whitlock paced LaRue County with 15 points, while eighth-grade guard Anna Bowling chipped in with 14 points.

    Sophomore guard Lyndsay Whitlock added six points and five rebounds.

    The Lady Hawks led 25-24 at the half before being out-pointed 15-8 and 10-4 in the final two frames.