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  • LaRue County Bootleg

    Elder Moses Akin was a legend in this region. He was an evangelist whose reputation went before him and often that reputation wasn’t always a clean one. However, that did not stop hundreds and sometimes thousands of people from coming out to hear the word from “Mose.”

  • Guthrie holds open office in Hodgenville
  • More charges filed against Bradshaw

    After being charged with reportedly neglecting two senior citizens, a Hodgenville man has now been charged with animal cruelty.

    Phillip B. Bradshaw, 54, of Hodgenville was arrested on June 7 for two counts of knowingly abuse/neglect of an adult by person and a warrant was served for second degree animal cruelty on June 13.

  • The mysterious barn of Magnolia

    Vanessa Hurst’s “Lost in LaRue” photo printed in the May 31, 2017 edition of The LaRue County Herald News introduced a bit of a puzzle: why would someone build a weather-boarded barn structure over and around a log structure?

    Terry Peace of Magnolia whose family for four generations has owned the farm on which the barn and house are located wasn’t sure.

  • Fiscal court reappoints water board district members

    LaRue County Fiscal Court reappointed John Detre and Pat Eastridge to four-year terms on the Water District Board as magistrates met at the courthouse in Hodgenville June 13.

    The appointees’ terms end May 14, 2021.

    The court concurred with Planning and Zoning’s approval of 9.5 acres located at 4514 Tonieville Road belonging to Jane and Jack Smith, from A1 to R1A; one acre at 1718 Dan Dunn Road owned by Ken and Lisa Hutcherson, A1 to R1A; and six-tenths acre at 1725 Talley Oak Hill Road belonging to James Westerman, Sr., A1 to R1B.

  • Arrested for abuse/neglect

    A Hodgenville man was arrested on Wednesday, June 7 for reportedly neglecting two senior citizens.

    Phillip B. Bradshaw, 54, of Hodgenville was arrested for two counts of knowingly abuse/neglect of an adult by person. He remains lodged in the LaRue County Detention Center.

  • Hodgenville council approves salary increases

    The Hodgenville City Council voted for a cost of living increase for all city employees, council members and the mayor.

    The salary increase discussion started when Hodgenville Mayor Kenny DeVore brought up a 2017-2018 cost of living increase for all city employees. Employees at the police and water department were proposed to receive a five percent increase and all other employees to receive a one and one-half percent increase.

  • A scout with a vision

    Traffic congestion in front of LaRue County Middle School and on South Lincoln Boulevard is a common sight around 7:30 a.m. during a school day. However, one local boy scout is looking to make the traffic congestion a less common sight.

  • Father of several, patriarch of many

    Father of four and (counting children’s spouses and grandchildren) patriarch of 19, Hodgenville resident Jim Rogers learned a lot about being a good father from his dad, Elmer Rogers, who died in 1997 at the age of 87.

    “I don’t remember him setting me down and telling me about the birds and bees, but he taught me many things about being a good father by example,” said Rogers, who lives in Hamilton Acres in Hodgenville.

  • LaRue County Bootleg

    There’s no doubt LaRue County has a colorful history. While the most infamous claim to fame in LaRue’s history is certainly the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, LaRue County has also had its share of bootleg history. Moonshine could be found all up and down the hills and hollers of LaRue County’s borders.