Local News

  • Reed defeats Mills for 24th district representative seat

    Republicans carried LaRue in every race in the 2016 Fall General Election. LaRue County native William Brandon Reed not only carried LaRue County with 73.68% of the vote with 4,634 to Terry Mills 26.32% and 1,655 votes, but was declared the winner of the 24th State Representative race defeating incumbent Terry Mills.

    In an official statement exclusive to the LaRue County Herald News, Brandon Reed had this to say after being declared the winner of the 24th District State Representative Race.

  • Standing for the Gospel, praying for the nation

    The LaRue County Ministerial Association hosted a Pre-Election Prayer Service that drew a crowd of over one hundred people. The square in downtown Hodgenville was filled with friends and neighbors, people from all walks of life and many different denominations on Monday night, November 7, when they came together to pray for guidance for the community and nation.

    Among the crowd were Howard and Tickle Ragland; “I think it’s great that they’re having this, I only wish the traffic could be stopped,” Tickle said.

  • An American Soldier never changes

    Army Major (retired) Chris Cline, the Veterans Day program keynote speaker at LaRue County High School, believes that though times have changed drastically during his 27 years in the military, the role of the American soldier remains basically the same as it did when he entered the service, or even since World War II.

    Cline will be the keynote speaker at the LCHS and LCMS Veterans Day programs on November 11. The LCMS program will begin at 9 a.m. and the LCHS program will start at 1 p.m. Both programs will be in the school’s gymnasiums.

  • More than names on a wall

    Too often the news tells of American servicemen being killed in action somewhere in the world.

    Though any patriotic American regrets that loss of life, those accounts of lives lost frequently fade after a few days or weeks into cold statistics added to a list of KIAs.

    For those who knew them and the family members who loved them, however, those deaths remain a permanent personal loss that leaves a hole that can never be filled and memories which will never be forgotten.

  • Man sentenced for child abuse

    The LaRue County Circuit Court had a loaded docket on Monday, November 7 with several high profile cases.

    A LaRue County man was sentenced on Monday to five years in jail for child abuse.

    Russell Underwood, 35, of Hodgenville was sentenced in LaRue County Circuit Court on Monday to three counts of complicity to criminal abuse first degree of a child 12 and under.

  • LCHS put on lockdown

    The LaRue County High School went on lockdown Thursday morning, November 3 for a random drug search by police.

    According to LCHS Interim Principal Denise Skaggs, the high school went on lockdown this morning after Kentucky State Police troopers arrived to conduct a search with their canine units. She said the hallways, lockers and parking lots at the school were searched. After the search, she said the lockdown was lifted and everyone resumed their normal activities.

  • Courthouse remains scene of construction

    With the LaRue County Courthouse renovations in full swing, visitors will find themselves in the middle of ongoing construction for several more weeks. According to LaRue County Judge Executive Tommy Turner, the renovations are on schedule.

    “Renovations are coming along well,” Turner said. “It’s been a bit cumbersome having work done while the courthouse has been open but I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.”

  • Rare plant found at Lincoln Birthplace National Park

    A rare plant was recently discovered at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park.

    An Indian Pipe, which is also known as a Ghost Plant, was discovered within the boundaries of the park by the members of the Cumberland Piedmont Network. Stacey Humphreys, Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management at the Lincoln Birthplace Park, said the CPN is a partner of the park and that they are responsible for monitoring water and soil conditions as well as ozone readings in the park. She said they found the rare plant during a recent trip to the park.

  • Wildlife Management Area established in LaRue

    The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has purchased a 2900 acre parcel of land in LaRue and Nelson County and designated it as a public Wildlife Management Area.

    The acquisition is part of six other properties across Kentucky that were recently opened.

    “It’s going to be a great wildlife management area in that part of the state,” said Area Manager Josh Lillpop, “There’s a wide range of habitat to provide good opportunity for hunters.”

  • Unity Through Prayer

    As this year’s general election draws near, it seems people have become increasingly divided by politics. The LaRue County Ministerial Association, LCMA, is reaching out to the community hoping to unite people in prayer for the county, state and for the nation.

    On the night of November 7 before the general election, the LaRue County Ministerial Association will be having a prayer service on the Square in downtown Hodgenville.