Local News

  • Five indicted by grand jury

    Five people were recently indicted by the LaRue County Grand Jury.

    Pamela Hernandez, 48,of Greensburg was indicted on one count of defrauding a secured creditor. Bail was set at $5,000 cash.

    Kyle W. Cundiff, 28, of Magnolia was indicted on one count of manufacturing methamphetamine. His bail was set at $25,000 cash.

  • Upton Council discusses property issues

    The Upton City Council discussed property issues of several different city residents at their monthly meeting on August 18.

    Clerk Ashley Walters said she had a stack of 16 properties in the city who were not in compliance with city ordinances because they were abandoned, had trash on the property, buildings pose an immediate danger, etc. The properties were located on Hill Street, Memory Lane, Walnut Street, Grayson Street, Riggs Street, Money Court, Magnolia Street, Booker Street and several others.

  • Fiscal Court discusses kennel ordinance

    Magistrates meeting at the courthouse in Hodgenville August 25 voted to have first reading of an amended kennel ordinance at LaRue County Fiscal Court’s next meeting September 8.

    According to County Attorney Kyle Williamson, the revised ordinance will add two key changes.

    “A person requesting a license to operate a kennel must obtain a conditional use permit from planning and zoning and also must have the kennel site pass inspection by our county animal control officer before a license will be issued,” Williamson noted.

  • Concerns raised at fair board meeting

    LaRue County Fair Board and stockholders were called to a meeting on August 18.

    Items to be discussed were the purposes of Articles of Incorporation and discussion of current stock. No motions or decisions were made.

    Fair Board President, Steve Johnson, addressed the issue that the Fair’s Incorporated status had been deemed inactive due to lapse in paper work with Frankfort. All the proper paperwork has been filed and the Fair’s Articles of Corporation are now in good legal standing.

  • Wreck on Greensburg Road
  • LaRue cities honored

    Three different cities and communities in LaRue County were recently selected on top ten lists for small towns by Only In Your State, an online polling website about cities and communities in each state.

    The City of Hodgenville was recently selected as one of the top ten most beautiful and charming small towns in Kentucky.

  • Paula is back in biscuits
  • Jail Log - August 19, 2015

    Bookings at the LaRue County Detention Center from Monday, August 10 to Monday, August 17.

    Tristian L. Bowen, 18, of Sonora was charged with speeding, vehicle a nuisance, failure to maintain insurance, operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol under 21 and possession of open alcoholic beverage in motor vehicle. He was later released from LCDC on bond. Arresting agency was the Kentucky State Police.

  • Importance of unemplyment insurance

    When it comes to policy, unemployment insurance may not generate as many headlines as education and public safety, but for working families dealing with the loss of a job, few programs are more important.

    President Roosevelt signed this safety net into law 80 years ago last week as part of the Social Security Act. Since then, it has weathered numerous ups and downs in the economy, but beyond the Great Depression itself, none tested the system quite like the crisis that hit the country in 2008.

  • Lack of road signs questioned

    A retired Kentucky Attorney General’s Office employee is questioning the lack of road signage at a curve on Hwy 210 that claimed the life of Kentucky State Police Sergeant David Gibbs on August 7.

    Since his retirement, Gerard Gerhard of Lexington, has dedicated his time to traveling to sites of vehicle accidents across the state and advocating for more road signage along curves on state highways.