Local News

  • Police step up patrols to combat break-ins

    Local law enforcement has been faced with a string of break-ins and burglaries that “really don’t make a lot of sense.”

    That’s how Hodgenville Police Chief John Cottrill summed up the latest break-ins at Bent N Dent in Smith’s Plaza, Paula’s Hot Biscuit on West Water Street and Royal Pizza on Lincoln Boulevard.

    The thieves took the cash register from each business. At Royal Pizza, they also took a clock from the wall; at Paula’s, they took a window air conditioner.

    In most locations, a small amount of cash has been taken.

  • Police investigate man's disappearance

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  • Outdated prescription drug drop-off set for Saturday

    Many medicine cabinets contain outdated or unused prescription drugs. When taken as prescribed, the pills or capsules provide health benefits. If misused, they can contribute to accidental poisonings or overdoses.

    Despite the frequent warnings by physicians and drug companies, many people are comfortable using drugs prescribed for others.

    National surveys show how widespread the problem has become:

    • More Americans abuse prescription drugs than those who abuse cocaine, hallucinogens and heroin combined. 

  • Early registration required for some Lincoln Days contests

    Lincoln Days will be held Oct. 2-3. But several events of the festival require an early registration.

    The baby contests and Little Abe, Little Sarah and best-costumed family contests will be Sunday, Sept. 26 at the Hodgenville Civic Center.

    There are categories for several age groups and registration must be complete by Saturday, Sept. 25.

    Entry fee is $10. Pick up an application at the LaRue County Chamber of Commerce, download at www.lincolndays.org or call the Lincoln Days office at 358-8710.

  • Fiscal Court to move ahead with Mesonet

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  • Buffalo man charged with meth manufacturing and trafficking

    A drug task force worked about four hours to clean up hazardous materials used in the manufacture of methamphetamine last week at a Buffalo residence.

    Officers discovered an active, one-step meth lab, eight inactive meth labs, several hydrochloric gas generators, lithium battery coils and 60 to 70 cans of starting fluid at a mobile home on South Otter Creek Road. Several grams of “finished product” was found also on the homeowner, Dustin Shane Brewer, 29, according to LaRue County Deputy Matt Darst.

  • Men charged with theft of farm machinery

    Four New Haven men have been charged with theft of farm implements and selling them for scrap.

    The property owner, Billy Frank Harned, reported the theft of a chisel plow, a stabilizer for Bobcat, two large wood stoves, a fuel stand for a diesel truck and two calf feeders to the LaRue County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Meth lab found at recycling center

    Police aren’t sure how many batches of methamphetamine have been brewed at the local recycling center. But Monday, four one-step labs were discovered in the dumpster outside Renaissance Recycling on East Water Street and components for the illegal drug were found inside the building.

    Work release inmates from the LaRue County Detention Center and county employees are being questioned about the drugs by several police agencies.

  • School board sets tax rate

    LaRue County property owners will receive a break on school taxes next year.

    At the Aug. 16 board meeting, Superintendent Sam Sanders recommended the board take the compensating rate which could be levied without a hearing or recall (KRS 160.470). The compensating rate, when applied to current year’s property assessment, produces an amount of revenue equal to that produced in the preceding year.

  • Charges against New Haven man dismissed

    Ten felony counts against a New Haven man were dismissed Aug. 13 in LaRue Circuit Court.

    Patrick D. Rawlins, 33, was charged with 10 counts of first-degree wanton endangerment after allegedly stopping his pickup truck on railroad tracks owned by Kentucky Railway Museum on May 25, 2009. Witnesses claimed 94 passengers were on board an oncoming train when a red pickup truck stopped on the tracks.