Local News

  • Storms pass through county with little damage

    The tornado warning issued earlier Friday for LaRue County has expired.
    Little damage was reported in the county, according to 911 Coordinator Chris Jackson. A large window in the old Polley building on Lincoln Boulevard was blown out by winds and the old Druthers building on Old E'town Road lost some shingles. A tree was downed across Old E'town Road but was removed quickly.
    A severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect.

  • Tornado warning issued

    The National Weather Service and the Storm Prediction Center include LaRue and neighboring counties in a high-risk zone today.

    A tornado warning has been issued until 5:15 p.m.

    It is advised that residents take shelter.

    Severe thunderstorms are expected and likely will deliver outbreaks of lightning, hail and high winds. A squall line associated with the storm front could spawn isolated tornadoes, according to the National Weather Service forecast for this area.

    The threat is expected to extend into the early evening hours.

  • Check with building inspector before repairing damaged homes

    The recent tornadoes and high winds damage to the local community has caused much structural damage and destroyed many homes, garages, and utility buildings in the LaRue County area.

    Property owners should avoid being hurt twice, once by wind damage and secondly by poor, unsafe reconstruction. The rebuilding and reconstruction of many of these structures will require a building permit and follow-up building inspections to assure that the building is again made safe to use and live in. 

  • Shelter available at courthouse

     With the impending severe weather predicted the LaRue County Courthouse is available for storm shelter through noon on Saturday, March 4, 2012.

    Anyone needing shelter from the storms is encouraged to assemble inside the main courthouse at 209 West High Street, Hodgenville, KY. If you have questions or concerns, contact the judge executive’s office at 270-358-4400.  

  • Boil Water Advisory issued after workers hit line

    Residents and businesses in the south end of Hodgenville had some interruption in water service last week, followed by a boil water advisory.

    Workers installing a fiber optic cable drilled into a water line about 3 p.m. Feb. 28 near the intersection of S. Lincoln Boulevard and Lincoln Parkway, according to Hodgenville Mayor Terry Cruse.

    The advisory took in areas south of McDonalds to Miller Road, Lincoln Drive and Bluegrass Drive.


    The National Weather Service is predicting more severe weather in our area today.


  • National Guard assisting law enforcement at KC Estates

    Local officials, with the assistance of the National Guard, are cracking down on sightseers in the areas that were hit in Wednesday’s storms.

    Wednesday afternoon and evening, several attempts were made to enter the damaged homes in KC Estates by unauthorized people. Hodgenville City Police intervened. However, despite televised reports to the contrary, no arrests were made.

  • Officials confirm tornado

     The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF2 tornado touched down in LaRue County about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday. Wind speeds are estimated at 111 to 115 miles per hour.

    LaRue County Judge/Executive Tommy Turner and Hodgenville Mayor Terry Cruse have signed a declaration of emergency.

    According to Chris Jackson, LaRue County’s 911 coordinator, 19 homes and one business have significant damage with the bulk of the damage occurring in KC Estates off Lincoln Boulevard.

  • Roads closed, traffic signals out after storm


    Latest Road Update From District 4


    * Closed – KY 3211 in Taylor County just north of US 68 due to High Water

    * Closed – KY 210 just east of Etown in Hardin County 

    * Closed – Shoulders of Lincoln Parkway near storm crossing just east of Etown to prohibit traffic from stopping/parking (Driving lanes are open) Unnecessary traffic asked to detour

    * Closed – US 31E just north of LaRue County High School (power lines)


    A series of storms have caused severe damage to the Stiles Ford Road and Woebegona Way areas in Hodgenville. Firefighers and law enforcement are on scene assessing damage and attempting to limit the number of sightseers.

    About 10 homes were damaged along Lincoln Boulevard and Woebegona. One was lifted off its foundation.

    A new home on Stiles Ford was damaged while construction workers were inside.

    Despite early televised reports, schools were not damaged.