Local News

  • Two residents featured on TV this month

    Two LaRue Countians will be featured on national TV programs this month.

    Thursday night, LaRue County Judge/executive Tommy Turner will be a guest on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” He was interviewed last week by correspondent Jason Jones on county and state rights. (Check TV listings for show times.)

  • Haselwood's home featured in national magazine

    Sheila Haselwood of Hodgenville was shocked when she received the news that her home would be featured in Country Sampler magazine.

    The nationally distributed magazine, published seven times a year, includes country lifestyle and decorating articles.

    Haselwood’s photos of her home on Facebook caught the eye of CS staff.

    Two representatives from the magazine – based in Illinois – scouted her home last spring. Their photos were sent to the editor, Donna Marcel, for approval.

  • City Hall buys new computer for training, Free Movie Night

    There have been few updates since a group of Kentucky State Troopers seized records and equipment June 28 at Hodgenville City Hall.

    The investigators, part of the state’s special integrity unit, turned away residents from the door, informing them City Hall would reopen later that day. The officers, acting on a search warrant signed by LaRue Circuit Judge Charles Sims III, took several computers, financial records, ordinance books, minute books and a Rolodex (list of names and phone numbers).

  • Buffalo Post Office remains closed while spiders roam

    The Buffalo Post Office has been closed since July 5 due to a brown recluse spider infestation. It’s unclear how long the office will be closed as the landlord attempts to eradicate the spiders.

    The spider, also called the violin or fiddleback because of the violin-shaped marking on its back, is not aggressive, but has a nasty bite. Its venom can cause serious wounds.

    The Fairdale Post Office closed for four months last year, due to the same type of infestation.

  • Contract renewed: Superintendent scores $130,000

    The LaRue County School Board renewed Superintendent Sam Sanders’ contract at its July 15 meeting.

    Sanders will receive at least $130,000 salary for each of the next four years, four weeks of vacation, health and dental insurance, family plan, professional and civic dues and a vehicle.

    The board will pay for “all reasonable maintenance, fuel, repairs, insurance and travel expenses incurred by the superintendent,” according to the contract.

  • Storm damage occurs on Bailey Road

    Storms moved through the county on July 10 leaving one couple’s yard in shambles. Kenneth Gibson of the Bailey Road, Mount Sherman area, shared a scary experience with his wife during the storm.

    “It was about 10 minutes after 2 when it hit. We were getting ready to head to town and dark clouds started to come across the hill so we were going to wait. Before we could head back into the house the rain started pouring so we sat inside our vehicle waiting for it to pass, and that’s when all the wind started blowing,” he said.

  • Fire Department Donation
  • Clarification

    Scout McCurry is the daughter of Eliza-Jane Cruse McCurry and the late Nathan McCurry. An error was made in last week’s newspaper.

  • Lighten Up LaRue helped with life changes

    A dream about dying caused Carol Shaw to wake up to the fact that she was destroying her body with unhealthful eating.

    “I had the worst dream that I was really dying,” said Shaw, a LaRue County Schools bus monitor who lives on Jericho Road. “For the past couple of weeks, I had felt bad, and when I woke up from that dream that seemed so real, I realized that my body had been trying to tell me I was damaging my health with the way I had been eating.”

  • Wreck at intersection