Local News

  • Scammers phish for bank card numbers

    Eight-to-10 local residents fell prey to an overseas “phishing” scam last week. They were tricked into revealing credit or debit card numbers or other personal information after being contacted by phone.

  • Clarification: City clerk requests clarification on officers’ wages

    Hodgenville City Clerk/Treasurer MaDonna Hornback requested a clarification on the city employee wages published last week.

    The amount published for city officers was a base rate paid by the City.

    Certified city officers (those who have completed the police academy) receive $1.49 per hour over the base hourly rate – or $3,100 annually – in incentive pay from the state.

    Officers also receive time-and-a-half for overtime on the incentive pay ($2.23 per hour extra for overtime). 

  • Child injured in crash

    A child was injured in a two-vehicle crash last week at the intersection of Ky. 84 and Oak Hill Road.

  • Snowplow at work

    Snowplows were busy Saturday morning, dealing with an inch or so of snowfall. 

  • Dial-10 a must on Feb. 1

    Phone customers in the 270 area code region may place calls by dialing seven or 10 digits in preparation for the roll out of an additional area code.

    The option to use seven digits ends Jan. 31, 2014, after which customers will be required to dial 10 digits when placing local calls, according to a news release. To dial long distance, callers must add a 1.

    Even though use of 10 digits will be required, no additional fees are applied. A local call will remain local, according to the release.

  • Clerk withdraws complaint

    Hodgenville City Clerk/Treasurer MaDonna Hornback said Monday she has withdrawn the claim she filed for back pay with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet.

  • Several records in city’s case to be made public

    The contents of a small brown envelope – information that led to the December indictments of Hodgenville Mayor Terry Cruse and City Clerk/Treasurer MaDonna Hornback – may be revealed next week.

  • Fiscal court takes stance against eminent domain

    LaRue County Fiscal Court unanimously approved a resolution opposing any attempt by private companies to seize private property by the use of eminent domain.

  • Officer cleared in fatal shooting

    A LaRue County grand jury failed to indict Hodgenville City Officer Jaron Skillman in the fatal shooting of a local man.

  • Schools are closed

     LaRue County students received an unexpected five-day break with school being called off Friday and Tuesday due to inclement weather – and Monday being a holiday.

    Students have, as of Tuesday, missed six days so far this year due to inclement weather.

    The district will make up two days in the school year. The district will use Feb. 17 and March 17 as make-up days and include the third day at the end of the year on May 22, said Superintendent Sam Sanders.