Local News

  • Teens indicted for church break-ins

     Local officers believe they have solved a string of burglaries that occurred last summer.

  • Dollar General cements future in Magnolia

    Magnolia soon will be home to a Dollar General Store.

    Construction on the 9,026-square-feet building started two weeks ago, according to Emily Weiss, media relations manager for the company.

    The store is at 8727 New Jackson Highway near Magnolia Stop N Shop and will employ six to 10 people.

    S.C. Development of Jackson, Tenn. is the general contractor.

  • McConnell and Guthrie visit LaRue

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    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell predicts Nov. 2 to be a "big day" for Republicans across the country.

  • Woman charged with attempting to influence a witness

    A Hodgenville woman, already facing drug charges, has been accused of attempting to influence a witness in the case.

    Cheryl Oveson, 59, of White City Road, was charged in July with first-degree unlawful transaction with a minor, two counts of first-degree trafficking in controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    She is accused of causing a minor (under 16) to engage in illegal controlled substances activity in 2009.

  • Nine families evacuated during field fire

    Nine families were evacuated Thursday afternoon after a field fire broke out between KY 84 and Siberia Road. Volunteers from eight fire departments, including LaRue County, Buffalo, Sonora, Upton, Central Hardin, Elizabethtown, Glendale and Stephensburg, spent several hours battling the blaze.

  • County receives grant funding for roads

    State Rep. Dottie Sims presented members of fiscal court with documentation approving almost a half-million dollars in grant funding for three county road projects as the court met Oct. 12 at the courthouse in Hodgenville.

    Tommy Turner, county judge-executive, said the first grant of $100,000 will pay for the replacement of a bridge on Goodin-Williams Road and culvert on Veirs Road. The second project, $154,000, will allow roads that currently are chip-sealed to be paved with asphalt. The third, $250,000, will provide countywide strip patching.

  • Tuesday storm nicks LaRue County

    LaRue County escaped the worst of Tuesday's storms.

    The National Weather Service reported 100-miles-per-hour winds in southern LaRue and northern Hart Counties, however, the storm didn't reach the ground. Little damage was reported, according to Chris Jackson of LaRue County 911.

    "We would have had serious problems if it had hit the ground," Jackson said.

    A power line on Oak Hill Road was downed, Jackson said.


  • Man charged in tire store break-in

     A break-in at a Hodgenville tire store was foiled Monday night when a passing motorist noticed “someone walking around inside” the business after closing.

  • Volunteers battle large field fire near Sonora

    About an hour after a "no outside burn" order was issued Thursday, firefighters were called out in force to control a field fire between KY 84 and Siberia Road.

  • Field fires keep volunteers busy

    County firefighters stayed busy last week fighting field and brush fires. Magnolia firefighters extinguished a blaze that reached a barn on Magnolia Gas Storage Road.