Local News

  • Revamping the Railsplitter Run

    The Lincoln Days committee is working to revamp one of their signature events, the Railsplitter 5K, and gear it more toward competitive runners.

    In an effort to revive the Railsplitter Run, the Lincoln Days Committee enlisted the help of a LaRue County Runner and triathelete, Carrie Warren.

  • New alcohol petition circulating

    Another petition is circulating around businesses in Hodgenville to determine if alcohol could be sold in the city limits.

    The petition was started by Lisa Reidner who filed an intent to circulate the petition for the City of Hodgenville with LaRue County Clerk Linda Carter’s Office on Tuesday, August 1. Reidner said she started placing the petitions in businesses that afternoon. Everyone who signed the first city alcohol petition in the spring will have to resign this petition if they want their name to count as a signature.

  • Old School Students

    The start of school marks 10 years since Abraham Lincoln Elementary School opened.

    What was a new beginning in the fall of 2007 for students entering ALES was also an end not only of their memories of their former schools, but also the close of the two storied, small community schools—Buffalo and Magnolia.

    Dalton Bell and Skyler Hornback, now rising seniors at LaRue County High School, went to ALES from their respective schools—Bell at Buffalo and Hornback at Magnolia.

  • We're praying for you, LaRue

    Members from churches across LaRue County have organized an on campus prayer meeting at schools in the county before the students first day of school this week.

    The “We’re Praying for you, LaRue” prayer meeting will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, August 2 at the LaRue County Schools Central Office on College Street in Hodgenville.

  • New device helps chemo patients prevent hair loss

    Hardin Memorial Health recently announced a new device to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments prevent hair loss.  Funding from the HMH Foundation (HMHF) allowed HMH to be the first in Kentucky to offer the Paxman Scalp Cooling System.

    The system uses what is called a cold cap to reduce the scalp temperature immediately before, during and after a chemotherapy treatment. The cooling reduces the blood flow to hair follicles, which helps to prevent or minimize the hair loss.

  • The Journey is never over

    A LaRue Countian with Multiple Sclerosis is continuing to help people battle and understand the disease through a support group and an annual walk.

  • Second police chase for one man

    The old saying history repeats itself is certainly true for one LaRue County man when he found himself in a police chase for the second time in a little over a year.

  • Karbec leaving LaRue

    A lot of movement is being made in the LaRue County Industrial Park as one company is moving out of the park and another existing company is planning to expand into their space.

    Karbec is currently moving out of their facilities in the park and they plan on moving to another location on Budco Lane in Elizabethtown. Their projected last day in the LaRue County Industrial Park is August 1.

  • Taking agriculture to whirling heights

    Though it’s not unusual to see military helicopters flying in this area, smaller ones skimming over farmers’ corn fields have drawn quite a bit of attention lately.

    Steve Berry, one of the LaRue County farmers who had a chopper spray his corn fields off Goodin Williams Road and 1607 last week, said he went through the local Southern States dealer to have his corn sprayed.

  • Practice makes perfect

    The LaRue County Public Library will host a reception for the August featured artist, John ‘Tommy” Gardner, at 5:30 p.m. on August 3.

    The featured artist is part of an ongoing program that highlights the work of local artist and authors.

    Gardner, owner and operator of Gardner’s Body Shop in Hodgenville, has been painting vehicles his whole life. However, it wasn’t until 2002 when he decided to try painting canvas as a hobby. He didn’t take any art classes in high school and thought he would try something new.