Local News

  • First Friday was a success

    “How nice to walk from store to store greeting neighbors and friends along the way, all while collecting scrumptious cookies during our first ever cookie walk”, said Chamber Executive Director Sandy Kidd. All proceeds, $156, from the cookie walk benefitted the LaRue County Relay for Life, which made the event even sweeter! Delicious food was available for purchase from Awesome Events and Rick’s Grill on Wheels.

  • News of Record: Property transfers

    Property Transfers

    The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the LaRue County Clerk’s Office in Hodgenville.

    Easement agreement, LaRue Cooperative Fair Association, Inc., having taken title LaRue County Cooperative Fair, Inc. to SBA Towers, LLC, a Florida limited liability Company, no monetary consideration stated.

    Betsy Abell Tucker and Danny F. Rock Co-executors of the will of Cynthia S. Carter to Henry C. Ray and Kelly S. Ray, lots 8, 9, and 10 of the Wildwood Estates Subdivision, $45,750.

  • Nelson Baptist hold math incentive in Hodgenville

    Several businesses in Hodgenville were stops for a Math Lab Incentive for Nelson County Baptist School students last month.

    The eighteen math students were accompanied by their math tutor, Teresa Gilbert of Hodgenville, for their Math Lab Incentive on May 2. The students ranged from third through seventh grades and Gilbert said they had worked all school year to earn the opportunity to participate in the Math Lab Incentive.

  • Hodgenville reviews utility resolutions, ordinances

    The City of Hodgenville held a special called meeting on Monday, May 22 to review several resolutions and ordinances that dealt with the city’s utilities.

    With all members present, the Hodgenville City Council unanimously approved three resolutions between the city and the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority so the city can receive loans for their upcoming water and sewer line projects on Lincoln Boulevard from the square in downtown Hodgenville to the LaRue County High School.

  • Community welcomes Skaggs

    A welcome reception for the newly appointed principal of LaRue County High School, Denise Skaggs, was held at the school on Thursday, May 25. Local community members and fellow educators came out to officially welcome Skaggs into her new role.

  • News of Record: Property transfers

    Property Transfers

    The following property transfers are listed as given on deeds at the LaRue County Clerk’s Office in Hodgenville.

    Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Michael D. Nunn and Jennifer L. Nunn, property in Magnolia, $26,120.

    Donald G. Harned to Harold D. Webb and Sherry G. Webb, tract 4 of the James Wilkins and Kimberly Helm Farm division, $30,000.

    Theresa McDowell to Daniel Sidebottom and Casey Sidebottom, lot 4A of Whitlock agricultural farm division, $19,316.

  • Former LaRue Co. Sheriff pleads guilty to embezzling money

    Former LaRue County Sheriff Bobby Shoffner pled guilty in United States District Court on Thursday, June 22 before United States District Judge David J. Hale, to a felony information charging him with a single count of embezzling money, that was under his care and custody, and belonged to LaRue County, announced United States Attorney John E. Kuhn, Jr.

  • LaRue County Bootleg

    Exerpt from The Herald News, Hodgneville, LaRue County , Kentucky, Thursday, October 1, 1925

    Rev Moses Akin, 1807-1885, Noted Evangelist of his day

    The old saying that where there is smoke there is some fire, is true in many ways. The vivid memory of Moses Akin, the evangelist, in minds of such a large number of people, forty years after his death, and the continued quoting from his store of natural wit, is proof conclusive that he towered above most men of his time whose names are never heard or known of all of forty years after death.

  • LaRue County Bootleg

    Elder Moses Akin was a legend in this region. He was an evangelist whose reputation went before him and often that reputation wasn’t always a clean one. However, that did not stop hundreds and sometimes thousands of people from coming out to hear the word from “Mose.”

  • The mysterious barn of Magnolia

    Vanessa Hurst’s “Lost in LaRue” photo printed in the May 31, 2017 edition of The LaRue County Herald News introduced a bit of a puzzle: why would someone build a weather-boarded barn structure over and around a log structure?

    Terry Peace of Magnolia whose family for four generations has owned the farm on which the barn and house are located wasn’t sure.