• ALES Kindergarten Launch draws large crowd

    Last Thursday, lines of little ones with wide eyes and bright smiles filled the halls of Abraham Lincoln Elementary School.

    Kindergarten – the first immersion into the public school system and the most important year in developing a successful school experience was kicked off with the ALES Kindergarten Launch.

    Karen Downs, ALES principal said the launch helps promote a strong beginning for both parents and students.

    “It’s hard to let your baby into the real world,” said Downs.

  • LaRue County welcomes 23 new teachers for upcoming school year

    LaRue County Schools have 23 new teachers for the upcoming school year.

    LaRue County High School and Hodgenville Elementary School each have six new teachers. Five are teaching at LaRue County Middle School, four at Abraham Elementary, two are dividing their time between the middle and high school, and one is at the alternative center.

    To assist our readers in knowing more about them, the teachers have answered a questionnaire requested by Superintendent Sam Sanders.

  • Ready for class
  • School Calendar -July 31, 2013

    First day

    Aug. 7 – First day for students

    ALES site-based council

    The ALES site-based decision-making council will meet at 5:35 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in the school’s conference room. Future dates are Aug. 12, Sept. 9, Oct. 14, Nov. 11, Dec. 9, Jan. 13, Feb. 10, March 10, April 14, May 12 and June 9. For more information, call the school at 358-4112.

    Open House
    Open house for LCHS is 6-8 p.m. Aug. 20.

  • Young students should master certain skills before starting school

    The Governor’s Office of Early Childhood suggests all kindergarteners should have these needs met and skills developed to be ready for school.

    1. Eats a balanced diet gets plenty of rest

    2. Receives immunizations and regular medical and dental care

    3. Runs, jumps and does other activities

    4. Can cut and spread food with butter knife and/or fork

    5. Feeds self with fork or spoon held in fingers

    6. Washes and dries hands and goes to toilet alone

    7. Brushes teeth without assistance and rinses out mouth

  • Seth DeVary named Young Achiever

    Seth DeVary has been selected by International Leadership Network as one of 28 students to receive recognition as a 2013 Young Achiever.

    It’s the second year he’s received this honor.

    He will be a freshman at LaRue County High School. He served as Kentucky Junior Beta State Secretary for 2012-13, received the National Junior Beta Leadership Award and was the National Junior Beta Secretary runner-up.

  • New for fall: Professional Growth and Effectiveness System in classrooms

    Kentucky is creating a new Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) whose goal is to increase student learning by ensuring that each student is taught by an effective teacher.

  • Back-to-school update: Yes, it’s next week

    It’s that time of year again – it’s back to school for LaRue County students!

    Aug. 7 will mark the beginning of the 2013-14 school year and the implementation of some changes.

    LaRue County High School
    New LCHS principal Kyle Goodlett spoke with The LaRue County Herald News to point out several important reminders for students and parents.

    First, Chris Price is the new assistant principal for LCHS, taking over for Goodlett.

    Second, cell phone usage is being regulated.

  • Shipp participates in GO College

    Chynna Michelle Shipp was one of 35 Fern Creek High School students chosen to participate in the Gaining Options for College Colla-borative
    (GO College!) initiative held July 8-19 in Frankfort.

    A data-driven program designed for student success, GO College! provides academic assistance and career advisement to high school students.

    Selected students receive continuous services throughout their high school years. The ultimate goal of the program is to help them prepare for post-secondary training.

  • Band of Hawks to honor former director with 'Beyond the Sunset'

    It will soon be what some consider the best season of the year – fall.

    Fall marks not only the long awaited football season but also marching season for numerous school band programs across the U.S.

    This year the LaRue County High School Band of Hawks, led by Director Jaime Smith, is excited to move into the competitive season – but on a more sentimental note.

    The theme for the show this season is titled “Beyond the Sunset” – a tribute to the man who started the program – Joseph Eugene “Gene” Hoggard.