• Rollin pleads guity, sentenced

    Timothy A. Rollin of Hodgenville pleaded guilty June 1 in the LaRue Circuit Court to amended charges and other charges against him. The pleas from two separate cases stem from events that occurred in 2014 involving a minor in Meade County and events of December 2014 at the LaRue County Detention Center. Since Rollin waived a pre-sentencing investigation, two final judgments of conviction were signed by LaRue Circuit Court Judge John David Seay, June 1.

  • News of Record

    The following food sanitation inspections were conducted by the LaRue County Health Center.

  • Child abuse trial continued for LaRue man

    A local man who is charged with child abuse will appear in LaRue County Circuit Court on June 27 at 9 a.m.

    Russell Underwood, 35, of Hodgenville was arrested for three counts of first degree criminal abuse of a child 12 or under after an incident that happened in February 2015. According to police reports, LaRue County Sheriff Russell McCoy responded with child services to a residence on 6360 Campbellsville Road in Hodgenville.

  • Embry facing more charges

    A local woman who was arrested for animal cruelty had more charges brought against her in LaRue County District Court last Wednesday.

    Jane Embry, 57, of Magnolia was originally charged with 60 counts of animal cruelty and she was charged with another 42 counts in court last Wednesday, bringing the total to 102 counts.

  • Man arrested for video voyeurism

    A LaRue County man, Curtis M. Bennett, was arrested last Wednesday and charged with video voyeurism and unlawful transaction with a minor in the third degree.

    According to a media release from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office found evidence of inappropriate activity with a female Marion County Public School student.

  • Embry plead not guilty

    A local woman who was recently arrested for animal cruelty appeared in LaRue County District Court last Wednesday.

    Jane Embry, 57, of Magnolia was arraigned in LaRue County District Court last Wednesday with District Judge C. Derek Reed presiding. Embry was appointed a public defender and she entered a not-guilty plea to 60 charges of cruelty to animals.

  • Road sign thefts on the rise

    Road sign thefts have recently increased in LaRue County.

    According to LaRue County Assistant Road Supervisor David Wood, his department has replaced 31 road signs across LaRue County since October. He said the road signs are being taken from Airline Road, Hawkins Road, U.S. 31E, Hwy 470 and Cissal Hill Road.

    “It’s like they are making a big circle. Some of them have been yanked completely out of the ground, post and all,” Wood said. “In some cases we have replaced the road signs and they are gone again the next day.”

  • Man sentenced for sexual abuse

    A local man who was charged for sexually abusing three children was sentenced in LaRue County Circuit Court on Monday, December 7.

    Abe L. Hershberger, 41, of Sonora was originally charged with three counts of an unlawful transaction with a minor, three counts of first-degree sexual abuse and one count of indecent exposure. According to police reports, the alleged acts occurred in LaRue County between January 1, 2013 and March 5, 2015.

  • Kolley sentenced for connection in homicide

    A woman was sentenced in LaRue County Circuit Court on Monday, December 7 for her connection to a 2011 homicide in Buffalo.

  • Benningfield sentenced

    The mother of a missing Magnolia teenager was recently sentenced in court.

    Jessica R. Benningfield, 34, of Hodgenville was sentenced to 12 months in jail in LaRue County District Court on Wednesday, September 9. The sentence is a result of an incident involving Benningfield’s 16-year-old daughter, Chamberlyn Benningfield, who was originally reported as a missing person on August 20. The juvenile was later found by police at Benningfield’s residence on August 27.