• Reliable service since 1948

    Powell’s Septic Service has been in business since 1948. Silas and Laura Powell relocated to Kentucky from Georgia and eventually settled in Hodgenville.

    “Daddy was pulling a trailer through the area when mama spotted a little one-bedroom house and knew where she was going to live. So they traded their trailer for that one bedroom house and 8 acres; it was right there where the BP gas station is.” Claude Powell said.

    Powell’s Septic Service was started in 1948 by Silas Powell, Claude Powell’s father.

  • Providing absolute comfort to all

    A LaRue County heating and air conditioning company is striving to provide absolute comfort to business owners and homeowners.

    Absolute Comfort Heating and Air is located on 2704 Leafdale Road in Hodgenville. The business does a wide variety of heating and air work including services, replacements and installations of new systems. Absolute Comfort Heating and Air also provides free estimates on any new construction buildings or homes.

  • Paying it forward

    A well-known LaRue County business got its start from helping others in the community.

    Skunkworks is a manufacturing and repair shop that is located on 78 Old Sonora Road in Hodgenville. The business manufactures or repairs items for local factories including steel racks for brake components, casting tubs, surface treatment trays, conveyor tables and much more.

  • Like father, like son

    R & R Hardwood Flooring, Inc., located at 1805 Greensburg Road in Buffalo, is a family owned and operated business that offers installation, refinishing, restoration, custom floor designs, borders and inserts.

    Owners Ronnie and Paula Haysley started the business in LaRue County in 1993. Their son Dale joined them after he graduated from LaRue County High School in 2007.

  • They've got your goat

    As more people show a propensity to wholesome locally grown food that is sustainable, one LaRue county farm is here to offer just that. What they offer may not be what you expect.

    Brian and Denise Martin have been raising goats since 2003. They started with a few goats and loved it so much they grew their herd. The Martins raise African Boer Goats, which are considered the best for meat production.

    “We take good care of our goats, their living conditions are optimal and we work hard to make sure our herd stays healthy.” said owner Denise Martin.

  • ‘Make it worth their while, they will come’

    After the bottom fell out of the horse market, Karen Weaver, a long time trainer, was left wondering what she was going to do to supplement her income. Weaver had been breaking colts for a living and had been around horses her entire life. “I thought I’d try opening a consignment tack shop.”

  • Like father, like son

    Though John “Tommy” Gardner, owner and operator of Gardner’s Body Shop, has been in business at his present location at 2319 Lincoln Farm Road since 1989, his experience with his craft goes back much farther.

    “I painted my first car, a 1964 Ford, when I was 15 working at Byerly Ford in Louisville,” Gardner said.

    His father, Wilburn “Shorty” Gardner was body shop manager for 12 years at Byerly. Gardner learned the trade from his father and the other body men with whom he worked.

  • Plumbing business flourishing in LaRue

    A local plumbing business is thriving in LaRue County.

    Performance Plumbing is a local business that provides plumbing services including the installation and maintenance of pipes, drains, fittings, fixtures, valves and other devices that are used for the distribution of potable water for drinking, washing and waste removal. The business is located on 1250 Old Elizabethtown Road in Hodgenville.

  • Keeping the lights on

    A local electric installation company keeps the lights on for hundreds of their clients across the state and country.

    David Whelan Electrical is located on 1250 Old Elizabethtown Road in Hodgenville. The business performs a wide variety of electrical services for their clients including designing, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical wiring systems.

    Founding owner David Whelan said he worked as a part-time electrician from his home for several years before becoming a full-time electrician in 2006 and opening DWE at its current location.

  • High performance at hidden location

    For anyone driving on Greensburg Road in Buffalo, it’s almost impossible to notice the high performance racing engines that are being serviced inside the hidden location of Dale Meers Racing Engines.

    Owner Dale Meers has been drag racing since 1976 and he opened his business at its current location in 2002.