• Helping children learn and grow

    One local childcare provider is working to provide an atmosphere for children to learn and also have fun.

    Learn N Grow is located on 29 Magnolia Street in Upton. The state certified childcare center has a capacity of 73 and accepts children from six-week-old to 13-years old.

    Owner Maribrooke Sullivan attended Western Kentucky University and has her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in elementary education. After graduating from college, she said it was hard to find a teaching job and that she was hoping for an opportunity to come her way.

  • 20 years, living the dream

    Doris Jewell, owner of Jewell Box Fabric and Upholstry shop, has been living her dream for over 20 years.

    Jewell said her husband, Ray, always wanted a farm so they bought a farm in Hart County.

    “I married young and my mother-in-law taught me to sew; I’ve loved it ever since.” she said.

    “I always wanted a fabric shop,” Jewell said, “We got the opportunity to buy this one and I added to it.”

    Jewell opened up her shop, in what used to be a grocery store, in 1995.

  • Making flowers personal

    Making flowers more personal to those who receive them is what one local flower shop strives to do everyday.

    Upton Florist is a floral shop that is located on 100 North Walnut Street in Upton. The shop features a wide variety of fresh flowers, plants, quilts, wind chimes, baskets, candles, bird houses, porcelain angels and more. The items sold at Upton Florist can be used for funerals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day or for any other special occasion.

  • There are no strangers here

    Angie and Reed Smith, owners of 224 Farmhouse Diner, are turning their dream of owning a restaurant into their customer’s experience of dining in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

    “Having a restaurant was always my dream,” said Angie Smith, “I never thought it would become a reality.”

    When Reed mentioned building a restaurant, Angie said she looked at him and thought ‘you have to be kidding me.’ But he wasn’t kidding and they began the process of building a restaurant on their farm.

  • More than just videos

    One local store that started out only renting videos now offers so much more to the community.

    Upton Video and More is located on 108 Money Court in Upton. The store sells and rents movies. They also have a restaurant that features several food items including pizza, chicken wings, nachos, hamburgers, chicken strips and more. The also have two tanning beds.

    Owner Karina Neal said she worked at the store when it was owned by Susan Dye and called Upton Video. When Dye wanted to sell the store in 2011, Neal bought it from her.

  • Feels like home at Cedar Creek

    When Steve and Sheila Haselwood set out to preserve the family farm they not only wanted keep the farm running, they couldn’t stand to see the house that Steve grew up in sit vacant or be torn down. So they set out to give the farm and house new life.

    “My husband has lived here his entire life,” said Sheila Haselwood, “Fifteen years ago his parents moved to town and the house was left vacant.”

    Sheila said Steve always loved the farm and they really didn’t want to see it split up like a lot of old farms have been.

  • Providing fuel for LaRue

    One Hodgenville oil company has been providing oil and gas to LaRue Countians for several decades.

    Bault Oil is a fuel company that is located on 1970 Bardstown Road in Hodgenville. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The company sells gas, diesel, kerosene, motor oil, hydraulic oil and more.

  • Cultivating communion

    A local organization is continuing their mission to reconnect to the earth through education, science and spirituality.

    Plowshares Farm Center for Education and Spirituality is a non-profit organization that is located on 12704 Campbellsville Road in Buffalo. The organization offers a wide variety of retreats, campfire programs, farm programs and other activities that help people cultivate a deeper sense of communion with life, the earth and its source.

  • Little pizza shop with a big heart

    The community of Buffalo in LaRue County is known for many things, including a locally owned pizza restaurant.

    Pizza Zone is a family owned pizza and Italian restaurant that is located on 2507 Greensburg Road in Buffalo. They serve a variety of Italian food items including pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, salads and more.

    Owner Beth Wortham Keith purchased the store almost 20 years ago in April 1996. The restaurant was previously owned by Milburn Childress and called “Your Pizza Place.”

  • It’s not a profession it’s a passion

    Bridgette Blair had always felt drawn to be behind a camera. Even as a child Blair has shown interest in taking pictures;

    “I’ve been taking pictures since I was little,” said Blair “I had a poodle I would dress up and set in different spots to take pictures.”