• Fair results - sheep show

    County Showmanship


    Emily Sallee – First


    Alexis Grimes – First

    Abby Sallee – Second

    Open Youth Showmanship


    Ady Mae Williams – First

    Emily Sallee – Second


    Wyatt Acey – First

    Alexis Grimes – Second

    Abby Sallee – Third


    Taylor Graves – First

    Briann Williams – Second

    Orry Williams – Third

  • Fair results - Goat show

    Open Youth

    Goat Show

    Dairy Goat Showmanship

    Pee Wee

    First - Hayden Haycraft


    First – Kaylee Haycraft


    First – Aaron Elswick, Champion Showmanship,

    Market Goat Showmanship

    Pee Wee

    First – Ady Mae Williams


    First – Bailey Grider

    Second – Jamie Grimes


    First – Alexis Grimes

    Second – Meredith Bartley

  • Fair results - beef show

    2015 Beef Show Results

    Open Showmanship

    (8 years or less)

    Ella Thomas – Blue

    Cody Heath – Blue

    Ady Mae Williams – Blue

    Clayton Bell – Blue

     Open Showmanship (9-12 years)

    Emily Caffee – First

    Brayden Lancaster – Second

    Open Showmanship (13-15)

    Kailey Thompson – First

    Shayla Clark – Second

    Open Showmanship (16-21)

    Connor Jaggers – First


  • Fair results - dairy show

    Open Dairy Cattle Show


    Jr. Calf

    First – Madison Davis

    Second – JCC Ayrshire

    Third – JSB Acres

    Intermediate Calf

    First – JCC Ayrshire

    Second – Happy Acres Dairy

    Third – JSB Acres

    Sr. Calf

    First – JSB Acres

    Second – Happy Acres Dairy

    Summer Yearling

    First – Happy Acres Dairy

    Second – Michaela Rock

    Jr. Yearling

  • 4-H project results

    Jr. Folk Art

    Brayden McCandless – Blue & Class Champion

    Jr. Weaving

    Madison Wilmoth – Blue & Class Champion

    Brayden McCandless – Blue

    Jr. Nature Craft

    Brayden McCandless - Blue & Class Champion

    Jr. Leather Craft

    Tommy Wilmoth - Blue & Class Champion

    Madison Wilmoth – Blue

    Jr. Original Design Ceramics

    Madison Wilmoth - Blue & Class Champion

    Alexis Grimes – Blue

    Kelsey Hornback – Blue

  • Open agricultural display results

    Youth Class 16 and Under

    Red Tomatoes

    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Yellow Tomatoes

    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Largest Tomato

    First – Cyrus Bivens


    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Bunch Beans

    First - Cyrus Bivens

    Peppers, Hot, Bell or Sweet

    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Irish Potatoes

    First – Cyrus Bivens


    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Fruits & Vegetables

    Bush Beans

  • 4-H Poultry show results

    Stauge Jones, Sr. Division

    Cockerel, Standard – Blue, Class Champion, Senior Champion

    Jamie Grimes, Cloverbud Division

    Pullett, Standard – Blue, Cloverbud Champion

    Pullett, Standard – Blue

    Pullett, Standard - Blue

    Tara Warren, Jr. Division

    Pullett, Standard – Blue, Class Champion, Junior Champion & Junior Champion

    Tom Male Turkey – Blue, Class Champion

    Alexis Grimes, Jr. Division

    Pullett, Standard – Blue

  • Open Hay show results

    Triple Crown – Pure Alfalfa

    First – Wendell McDowell

    Second – Jerry Gaddie

    Third – Kelly Flanders

    KY Pride – Pure Alfalfa

    First – Jerry Gaddie

    Second – Wendell McDowell

    Third – Larry Elliott

    Best Bale – Pure Alfalfa

    Jerry Gaddie

    Triple Crown – Alfalfa/Grass Mix

    First – Wendell McDowell

    Second – Kalli Flanders

    Third – Larry Elliott

  • Open crop show results

    10 Ears New Yellow Corn

    First – Cyrus Bivens

    Second – Andrew Bell

    Third – Avery Bivens


    First – Andrew Bell

    Second – Avery Bivens

    Third – Cyrus Bivens

    Yellow Ear Corn, prev crop

    Kalli Flanders - Blue & Class Champion

    Yellow Ear Corn, this year crop

    *Cyrus Bivens – Blue

  • Farm Calendar – August 5, 2015

    Farmers Market

    The LaRue County Farmers Market will be open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays now through mid-August at 2533 Lincoln Farm Rd., Hodgenville. Several vendors will be participating and meal options are available. Potential vendors may contact the Extension Office for more information, 270-358-3401. Stock up on local fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, beef, pork, goat and so much more.

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