• 4-H Communications Contest: Senior Poetry Results

    There were several entries in the senior poetry division of the 4-H Communications Contest.  Results are as follows: First place – Kiri Narice Guyer, second place – Tara Warren, third place – Zoe Blair, fourth place – Jessika Shanks-Hooper, fifth place – Candyce Counts, sixth place – Ripley Lucas, seventh place – Hunter Sams, eighth place – Lexi Boyce, ninth place – Michaela Rock and tenth place – Alexander NicholsKiri Narice Guyer received first place for her poem, The Falling.

    The Falling

  • LaRue County Cattleman’s April Meeting
  • 4-H Calendar - April 20, 2016

    Talent show and fashion revue

    The Talent Show and Fashion Revue will be held at 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 22 at the LaRue County Extension Office. Participants must have pre-registered.

    4-H Rabbit Club Fundraiser

    The LaRue County 4-H Rabbit Club is having a yard sale club fundraiser, starting at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 23. The fundraiser will be held at the LaRue County Extension office in Hodgenville. For more information, contact John Ball at 502-827-3322.

  • Farm calendar - April 20, 2016

    No-till drills

    The LaRue County Conservation District has three no-till drills available for rent. For more information, call 270-358-3132. The office is located at 306 West Main St., Hodgenville.

  • Upcoming Class: Sensational Salads

    Sometimes the simplest dishes, such as salads, are the hardest to create without a recipe. If you are tired of just adding tomato, celery and cucumbers to lettuce, try these tips to freshen things up. Use a vegetable peeler to make zucchini and squash ribbons. Consider lettuce a bed for anything, add leftover grilled vegetables or even stir fry. Often leftover dishes are made with some type of seasoning that can act as a dressing if just olive oil is added.

  • Best defense against weeds
  • Considerations for cattle fly control with ear tags

    Insecticide-impregnated cattle ear tags release small amounts of an insecticide, which are distributed over the animal in skin oils and during grooming or rubbing. Ear tags can provide long term control of horn flies and some reduction in face fly numbers. Here are some things to consider in selection and use.

  • Ragland graduates from National Program

    Caleb Ragland, a soybean farmer from Magnolia, recently joined 14 other farmers from across the country to complete the two-part Leadership At Its Best program, which is co-sponsored by Syngenta and the American Soybean Association (ASA).

    This valuable leadership training provides the skills necessary to be an effective voice for the U.S. soybean farmer. Participants were trained in media relations, public speaking skills, soybean industry policy issues, future trends, effective advocacy and organizational leadership.

  • 4-H Gardening club begins soon

    The 4-H Gardening Club will start back on Saturday, April 16 with its first meeting for the season.  The meeting will be held at Lee’s Garden Center at 2:00 p.m.  Members are asked to park at the brick house. 

  • 4-H Calendar - April 13, 2016

    4-H contest deadlines

    Any 4-Her that would like to participate in the 4-H Speech and Demonstration Contest, Talent Show or Fashion Revue must register by Friday, April 15. 

    The Talent Show and Fashion Revue will be held on Friday, April 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the LaRue County Extension Office. The date for the Speech and Demonstration contest is to be determined.  Contact the LaRue County Extension Office for more information.

    4-H Garden Club