• Planting Industrial Hemp
  • Farm calendar - June 22, 2016

    Agriculture Development Council Meeting

    The LaRue County Agricultural Development Council will meet at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 23 at the LaRue County Extension Office. For more information contact the LaRue County Extension Office 270-358-3401.

    Private Pesticide Applicator Training

  • Safe handling of chicks

    The intestinal tracts of all mammals have various types of bacteria as part of their natural intestinal microflora. There are many opportunities for young children to be exposed to these bacteria, such as pets, friends, etc. Our state’s most recent salmonella outbreak is a harsh reminder of this as many of the victims are children. Here are some reminders:

  • 4-H Summer Camps - June 15, 2016

    Go Outdoors!

    A full day of playing in the woods. Participants will try their hand at using a compass to navigate, reading maps, identifying trees, learning about some of the economic impacts trees have, and identifying wildlife. Youth will complete a forestry project that can be entered in the fair. There is a fee of $5 for this camp and lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required.  This day camp will be held at the LaRue County Environmental Education and Research Center on Leafdale Road in Hodgenville from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 30.

    Grow It!

  • Area 4-H Rally Day
  • Local Southern States Employees Selected for ‘Certified FeedMaster’ Training

    Dwayne Duncan, Blake Newton and Terry Ovesen, Southern States Hardin Cooperative, Inc. – Hardin and Hodgenville Branches, have attended a comprehensive three-day training program designed to qualify retail employees as “FeedMaster Certified Feed Specialist®” for Southern States Cooperative.

  • LaRue FFA Members Excel at State FFA Convention

    The Kentucky Association of FFA held its 87th Annual State Convention on June 5-9 at Rupp Arena in Lexington. Twenty members of the LaRue County FFA chapter attended the State FFA Convention this year, but several others were recognized for their previous accomplishments.

  • Farm calendar - June 15, 2016

    LaRue County Farmers Market

    The LaRue County Farmers Market is now open on Thursdays through July 28. The Farmers Market will be located at 2533 Lincoln Farm Road next to the Lincoln Jamboree. If you or someone you know has an interest in selling at the Farmers Market, call the LaRue County Extension Office at 270-358- 3401.

    Pesticide Container Recycling

  • Fireflies: more than nighttime beauty They help control some garden pests

    If you grew up in any rural area, odds are, you have a childhood memory of catching fireflies. I remember having a mason jar with screen material screwed down tight and full to the brim with fireflies. It would finally get to the point where every one I’d try to get in there, two or three would fly out.  I’d set it next to my bed to be my nightlight for the night and thought it was the coolest thing next to my awesome Sesame Street bed sheets.

  • Sign now for 4-H Summer Day Camps

    This is an exciting opportunity for all youth ages 9-18. (Youth do not have to be current 4-H members.) There will be three camps, coined Fair Days because at the end of each camp participants will have completed anywhere from one to four projects that can be entered into the fair during the week of AGstravaganza.