Members of the LaRue County High School Football Team are front from left, Cameron Pellegrino, DaMarcus McCray, Cody Leake, Cody Strausser, Caleb Sheffer, Koy Lindsey, Wes Akers, Mat Senesi, Eli Royalty, Bryson Cobb; second row, Justice Harrison, Luis Serrano, Dylan Akin, Hunter Griffin, Zach Bailey, JC Dunn, Colby Skaggs, Jaylen Massie, Marquis Franklin, Demetrius Lackey, Phillip French; third row, Manager Faith Hines, Parker Anderson, Santiago Aguilar, Nathan Helm, David New, Justin Hornback, Seth DeVary, Matt Underwood, Alex Best, Sterling Alcorn, Brenden Aubrey, Cole Holt; fourth row, Nick Cobb, Blake Cecil, Dalton Hornback, Brian Cissell, Colton Hornback, Ethan Wells, Heath Graham, Matt Steven, Victor Jimenez, Brandon Brown, Ethan Johnson; fifth row, J.D. Watts, Jake Gardner, Christian Skaggs, Chase Puyear, Dane Milby, Ethan Harry, Travis Wallace, Kane Harris, Kyle Woosley, Brandon Cecil, Isaac Johnson, Josh McCourt, Noah Davis, Noah Thompson; back, Assistant Coach Tino Cobb, Assistant Coach Harry Ditto, Assistant Coach Alfredo Silva, Head Coach Josh Jaggers, Assistant Coach Chris Williams, Assistant Coach Adam Lindsey and Assistant Coach Elijah Zwiep.
Hawks look to future, put ’13 season behind

Each and every one of us go through struggles in our daily lives. To say Head Coach Josh Jaggers went through a three-month struggle with his 2013 varsity football season is a huge understatement.

This year’s 2014 Hawks football team remembers the pain and struggle experienced last season, and is determined to right the wrong that took place last year going 0-11.