Today's Features

  • Sept 1

    Rose Circle, Miami Ct., Lincoln Village, Cox, Landmark apt., New Freedom

    Sept 2

    LCMS, Westpoint, Hwy 357, Maxine Road., Aetna Wells Road, New Jackson Hwy

    Sept 3

    Laugh & Learn, Nationwide, North L & N , Dangerfield Road, Athertonville, Bardstown Road

    Sept 8

    LCHS, Kids Crew, Sunrise Manor, Campbellsville Road

    Sept 9

    Kingdom Kids, Senior Center, Morningside Apartments, Larue Trace Apartments, Taylor Mills Apartments

    Sept 10

    Preschool ALE, First Friends

  • Wesley Chapel

    Baptist Church

    Wesley Chapel Baptist Church will have their revival at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 6. Pastor Stephen Hensley and John Hornback will be preaching. For more information call 270-765-5250 or email hornbacka@gmail.com.

    Lincoln Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Revival

  • In my family we have two new babies: Lily Aaron and Zachary Jack.

    Lily is my niece Jennifer’s third daughter and Zach is my nephew Shane’s third son. Both babies were born just a few weeks apart, Lily in July and Zachary in August. My sister now has six grandchildren.

    If Lily had been a boy she would be Jack Aaron. Jack is my dad’s name. Aaron is Lily’s dad Marc’s middle name.

    Got all that?

  • I love a good story. Recently I read one that meets all the qualifications for me. The late Vance Havner was a Baptist evangelist and he related the following story told to him by a friend.

    Dr. Clyde Turner pastored a church in Kentucky. A young boy in his church was a holy terror that no one could handle. The boy stopped coming to church and Dr. Turner said he nor anyone else rushed to persuade the youth to return.

  • Druen family reunion was held Sunday, August 23, 2015 at Three Forks Bacon Creek Baptist Church in Hammonsville, KY.

    Oldest man in attendance – James (Jim) Edward Davis – Son of the late Everett & Marie Davis

    Oldest woman in attendance – Ora Shelton Cantrell – Daughter of the late Edward & Nappie Shelton

    Youngest - Jayden Clark – Grandson of Diane and Phillip Druen

  • Employees of Affordable Painting, Drywall and Home Improvement of Louisville, KY are sub-contracting for Houchens Industries to give Houchens Plaza on Shawnee Drive in Hodgenville, a fresh coat of new paint. Recently, the parking lot was also sealed and restriped.

  • Ray and Yvonne McDowell are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary . They were married September 9, 1955 by the late Rev. Delmar Rice.

    The couple have two daughters: Amanda Crider and Denise Lawless and three sons: David McDowell, Alan McDowell and the late Neal McDowell, and 15 grandchildren.

    A reception will be held 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Saturday, September 12, 2015 at South Fork Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. All friends and relatives are invited to attend.

  • Shanice Dunlap was baptized Sunday morning at First Baptist. Family members and friends were present for the baptism. Also, Bernice Kent, Loretta Kent and Corine Johnson, mother of Rosalyn Wilkinson, were guest at First Baptist.

    First Baptist- Wednesday, August 26 at 7:00 p.m. will be the church business meeting. Sunday, August 30, First Baptist will fellowship with Lane Lincoln during morning services. The Hodgenville Brotherhood will render the music and the morning sermon will be by Reverend Wilkinson.