Today's Features

  • Central Kentucky Community Action

    The Central Kentucky Community Action area board of directors meeting will be held at 11 a.m. Wed. November 9. The location of the meeting will be at Lincoln Trail Area Development District office at 613 College Street Road in Elizabethtown, and is open to the public.

    Holiday Bazaar fundraiser

  • Make your next visit to the LaRue County Public Library a brief one, for a good cause, as part of LaRue County Public Library’s Drop Your Drawers campaign.

    Drop off packages of new underwear for boys and girls, preferably sizes 4-16, from November 14 through December 30, at the library. Donations will help replenish Hodgenville and Abraham Lincoln elementary schools’ supplies of emergency underpants and provide direct assistance to each school’s Family Resource Centers.

  • We are all familiar with the process of change.  In the physical world we are witnesses to the process right now especially in the changing of seasons.

    Green leaves have changed color and are falling from the trees.  Fields once green with corn and beans have been harvested leaving the land bare.

    Physically, we are aware of change --- out, up,  bigger around, you name it.  I’m really wasting time and space trying to convince you of something so evident everywhere.

  • By Jonathan Carl

    Guest Columnist

    I’m writing this several days before the election, but by the time this column makes it to print and is being read, we should know who our next President of the United States will be. President Clinton? President Trump? A third party candidate?

  • Carlos Cox is in Hardin Memorial Hospital. Congratulations to B.K. Smith for being voted the player of the week a couple of weeks ago at Male Traditional High School in Lousiville. Hats off to you B.K. He is the son to Brian and Sharon Smith of Louisville and grandson to Mary E. Smith of Hodgenville. This past Sunday was Communion Sunday at Lane Lincoln.

    First Baptist- Bible Study this Wednesday at noon. This Thursday at 6 p.m. will be choir rehearsal.

  • Thought for the week: Money talks, but it doesn’t always talk sense. All mine ever says is “goodbye.”

    Great big shout out to David and Michelle Brown, Tommy Locke, Kathy Brooks, Bev O’Bryan and anybody else that was involved in getting together the Open House Benefit for Jerry Smith, Cindy Smith and family on November 5.

    The community came together to show Jerry and Cindy the love we have for them. That’s what a small community does, comes together, show care, love and support for someone in the community.

  • Everyone faces a constant battle of which love will they choose? Though there are many dimensions of love, there are two main loves that we must consider. First, do we choose the love that is self-centric, self-promoting, and based in the flesh or do we choose the love of the heavenly Father which is characterized as unconditional, sacrificial, and holy. The Apostle John speaks to this in 1 John 2:15-17.

  • Glorious!  I would certainly use this word describing the cross.  And yet, in itself the cross was not glorious.  It was an instrument of torture and shame.  The Jew said:  “Cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree.”  Cicero said, “Far be the cross, not only from the eyes and ears, but even from the thoughts of the Roman citizen.”