Today's Features

  • Buffalo Fire and Rescue

    The Buffalo Fire and Rescue have a free 8x10 professional color family portrait for a donation of $25 or more. A representative from Parish Promotions will go door to door in the coverage area with an I.D. to collect and give out receipts. Buffalo Fire and Rescue is asking for $25 or more to help with purchasing turnout gear.

    Relay for Life

    Parkway Peeps- tee shirt sale $15 each. Check out their Facebook page for an image of the shirt or contact Mary Jane Stillwell at 270-765-8761 or Rita Thompson at 270-505-0380.

  • Friday Dance

    A dance will be held from 7-10 p.m. May 13, at the LaRue County Senior Center at 112 Walter’s Avenue in Hodgenville. Featuring Prime Time Band. Admission is $4 per person. For more information contact Jim Walters at 270-737-5655, cell 270-766-4437 or email jmarwalt@comcast.net.

    Saturday Dance

  • May 11

    Kingdom Kids, Senior Center

    Morningside, Larue Trace, Taylor Mills, Indian Trails

    May 12

    First Friends

    May 17

    Countrylane Rd, Katerpillar Korner, Greensburg Rd, Adult daycare, Salem Lake Rd, Salem Church Rd

    May 18

    LCMS, Alvin Brooks, Buffalo School Apt., Carter Bros., Tonieville Rd

    May 19

    Bullfrogs & Butterflies, Nationwide, ALES

    May 23

    Little Eden, Ball Hollow Rd, Atilla Rd, Campbellsville Rd, Lincoln Way

    May 24


    The LaRue County Fairgrounds is currently having a drive for sign sponsorships.

    The sign sponsorships includes nine different sign sizes and prices ranging from 6x12 inches for $25 initial price with a $25 yearly renewal up to a 4x10 foot sign for $750 with a $300 yearly renewal. Signs will remain at the fairgrounds year-round for multiple events

    Sponsor signs will be made on premium ACP boards with lettering and logo. All signs will be attached to the grandstand and can be seen from Hwy 210.

  • Deandra Lynn Brey, 25, and Adam Raines, 29, both of Hodgenville.

    Shania Michelle Newton, 20, and Kevin Ray Barnes, 31, both of New Haven.

    Angel Renee McMichael, 20, and Max Fernando Giron, Jr., 21, both of Magnolia.

    Rosario Martinez Flores, 37, and Roberto Lopez Velasco, 39, both of Magnolia.

    Lauren Brittany Murray, 23, and David Scott Parr, Jr., 26, both of Hodenville.

    Cherryle Jaine Raymond, 52, of Shepherdsville and Steven Dale Lawson, 53, of Magnolia.

  • Arrowhead Archery & BBQ, 195 Lee Oak Dr., Hodgenville, 98

    Back restroom doors not self closing, back hand sink no hand wash sign.

    Hardees, 101 Lincoln Farm Rd, Hodgenville, 99

    Walls have some splatter, especially around mop sink some hood vents have grease build-up.

    LaRue County Softball concession, 925 S. Linclon Blvd., Hodgenville, 100.

    Lee’s Garden Center, 1918 Bardstown Rd, Hodgenville, 100.

    Little Mexico, 800 S. Lincoln Blvd, Hodgenville, 93

  • Every day is or should be Mother’s Day.  Since that is true, my remarks about mothers, Christian women and the Christian home will not be out of place even though the official Mother’s Day has come and gone for this year.

    All the artillery of hell has been pointed at the home.  The hell-hatched sins of immorality, adultery, abortion and many others inspired by the devil are aimed at the destruction of the family and home.

  • In between two major United States holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we would be wise to consider these God-assigned and defined roles. We might ask, why does God create us male and female? Why does He describe repeatedly our responsibilities in gender-based terms such as mother, father, husband, wife, son, and daughter?